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Vampire Novel Recommendations


New Member
[size=-2]I've currently finished all 11 Laurell K. Hamilton books in the Anita Blake series and have read all the books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes which really isn't too many once you think about it.

Because I couldn't find anything that caught my attention right away and sucked me in like those two authors, I started reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, then 1st To Die by James Patterson, and then reread Amelia's books. Now, I am in a huge reading slump.

PLEASE! Can anyone suggest any good books?[/size]
Hmmmm, vampire books hey?? You have tried Anne Rice havnt you?? I gather she's rather the person to read when it comes to vampires, although ive never dabbled myself :p

yeah, anne rice is good. her series has really got to the point that i don't care anymore, but it was good for several books. maybe the first fiveish.
Assuming you've read Dracula, how about I am Legend by Richard Matheson for a twist on the vampire theme.
OK. Stop whatever you're doing right now and run out and get Necroscope by Brian Lumley. This is the first of a 13(!) book series and is the most original vampire story I've read.

I have read the first four so far and very highly recommend them!
Very fun read.
You could try Chelsea Quinn Yarbro or P N Elrod. They both have a few vampire novels under their belts and seem to have a good following.:)
'I am Legend' by Richard Matheson
'Fevre Dream' by G.R.R. Martin- his 'A song of Ice and Fire' series pales in comparison.
'Children of the Night' by Dan Simmons
I too highly recommend Brian Lumley, as I have read all bar 2 of his books ( Lost years 1 and 2 are out of print). Slightly more fantasy that Laurell K. Hamilton, but an excellent read.
I recomend the last vampire series (i know someone already mentioned this, but its not the same book) by Christopher Pike. 5 books in all and its quite good.
John Steakley's Vampires. The book is the reason for John Carpenter's Vampires, but it far surpasses the movie. It is one of only two books that Steakley has written that I know of, but it is very good. The other book he wrote is Armor, which is as close to Starship Troopers as you are ever going to get. Both books kept my attention cover to cover and have been read several time.
Oh yeah, i read that one, its a fairly good trash novel (pardon the expression).

The only other one i could suggest is a comic book (unfortunately i dont remember the title) where a group of vampires move into a town in Alaska (i think) that is in perpetual darkness for three months through winter - its just a great concept for a vampire story :)

I see that someone recommended one of Dan Simmons vampire books. It appears that I am about to be on a Simmons tear - what can you tell me about them?
Vampire books???? You want vampire books??? Check out ebooks? This is one of the hottest genres (aside from erotica) in ebook literature. Almost every single epubber has them by the scads. Go to FictionWise to see some. But be sure to check out the actual publishers for a better price. Writers Exchange Ebook, Novel Books Inc, Amber Quill Press, LTD Books, New Concepts...Gosh there are a ton more. And these books are good. My actual fav is a YA book from Writers Exchange. I had so much empathy for the vampires in that book. I think they needed a hug. *G*
Barbara Hambly's Those Who Hunt The Night and Traveling With The Dead are great and I suspect you might have heard of them as she is one of the biggies... But one that you might not have heard of and one that I found a fantastic read is Raven by S. A. Swiniarski. Totalling gripping from start to finish. I was very disppointed to find out that Raven was not the start of a new series.
Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls, her first novel, was a vampire tale.

Richard Laymon wrote quite a few: The Stake and The Travelling Vampire Show spring to mind.