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What 2011 releases are you listening to ?


Me ?

Duran Duran (all you need is now) :star4:& Radiohead (king of limbs) :star4:, and that is half a star more than AMG gave for both

beer good

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The one I've listened to the most is PJ Harvey's utterly brilliant Let England Shake. By far her best album since the mid-90s.


... and also blessed (lucinda williams) & collapse into now (R.E.M.)... Just listened to the R.E.M. cd a couple of times yet. Somehow it sounds a bit repeated, & well, predictable.... let's see whether repeated listens will make it sound better. The Duran Duran & the Radiohead, referred to above is pretty cool.


anyone checked out the new foo fighter's work (i.e. wasting light) ? Wow! pretty amazing! "white limo" especially is great


other albums listened to - "so beautiful or so what?" - paul simon; "21" - adele; P.J. Harvey's new CD... Simon's CD is pretty good. Adele is tad bit too pop-inclined for my liking.

but the CD from Foos & the Duran Duran CD stand out.

..will look out for the new 'peppers' CD, the new "Yes" CD, Vedder's solo effort & Buckingham's new CD.

Joderu, how is "low country blues?"

beer good

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Just listening to Laura Marling's A Creature I Don't Know for the first time. Utterly brilliant so far, even better than last year's I Speak Because I Can.


on duran duran & radiohead CDs..

After listening to these CDs many a time, I would like to give "all you need is now" 4 1/2 & " "king of limbs" 3 1/2...

beer good

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2011 in 19 songs and 80 minutes:

1. Gillian Welch – The Way It Will Be (from The Harrow And The Harvest): Because Gillian and Dave have been playing this live for years, and they finally released it. And it's still one of the most haunting songs I've heard since Neil Young's stonedest 1970s.

2. Amy LaVere – Damn Love Song (Stranger Me): Because the world needs more snarky female double bass players.

3. Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones (West): Because it sucks me down into the maelstrom the way Spacemen 3 used to.

4. Lykke Li – Sadness Is A Blessing (Wounded Rhymes): Because you can never go wrong with the "Be My Baby" drum intro, and because that chorus just wraps my heart in ice and cotton.

5. PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose (Let England Shake): Because it's probably the greatest album of the year by one of the greatest living songwriters, and at least partly because she played it straight in David Cameron's face when they found themselves on the same TV programme.

6. The Vaccines – Post-Break Up Sex (What Did You Expect From The Vaccines): Because it's pop music.

7. Mastodon – Black Tongue (The Hunter): Because it's metal.

8. Thurston Moore – Illuminine (Demolished Thoughts): Because you realise that somewhere deep down, the Sonic Youth frontman really always wanted to be Nick Drake.

9. Bob Dylan – The Love That Faded (The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams): Because I can never leave Dylan off any list if there's any way I can help it.

10. Tom Waits – Pay Me (Bad As Me): Because nobody breaks hearts like Tom, and this song makes me want him to never tour again if this is what it's like.

11. Bass Drum Of Death – Velvet Itch (GB City): Because it's fucking rock'n'roll.

12. Timber Timbre – Lonesome Hunter (Creep On Creepin’ On): Because it's about zombies. Among other things.

13. Los Campesinos! – Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions) (Hello Sadness): Because part of me still loves Prefab Sprout and I think Los Campesinos! do too no matter how much they pretend they don't.

14. Lucinda Williams – Seeing Black (Blessed): Because it's Lucinda Williams. What else do you want? She can do stuff like this in her sleep.

15. Laura Marling – The Beast (A Creature I Don’t Know): Because it scares the hell out of me.

16. Wanda Jackson feat. Jack White – Thunder On The Mountain (The Party Ain’t Over): Because I can never leave a Dylan cover off any list if there's any way I can help it, and because at 74 Wanda Jackson rocks harder than most people one third her age.

17. Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever (Smokering For My Halo): Because I don't know how much weed Kurt Vile smokes, but it's obviously just the right amount to come up with circular dopey-grin melodies like this.

18. Comet Gain – Some Of Us Don’t Want To Be Saved (Howl Of The Lonely Crowd): Because, well, it's true. And because I'd given up hope for more music from Comet Gain, and this chorus reminds me why that would have been a shame.

19. tUnE-yArDs – Wooly Wolly Gong (W H O K I L L): Because every album should end with a spooky lullaby set to ukulele and electronics.​


2011 is almost over & what would I think of as the albums that impressed me the most ( in no particular order )... ?

all you need is now - duran duran
wasting Light -Foo Fighters
sing it loud - k.d. Lang
fly from here - yes
seven seas - Avishai Cohen
night of hunters - Tori Amos
mylo xyloto - coldplay
different gears, still speeding - beady eye
el camino - black keys


The Best of 2011

I think I could place the following as the albums that I liked most...

1- all you need is now - Duran Duran :star4:1/2
2- night of hunters - Tori Amos :star4:
3- stone rollin' - Raphael Saadique :star4: 1/2
4- seven seas - Avishai cohen :star4:
5- mylo xyloto - coldplay :star4:
6- fly from here - yes
7- sing it loud - KD Lang
8- wasting light - foo fighters
9- different gear, still speeding - Beady Eye
10- so beautiful, or so what -Paul Simon

11-move like this - The Carrs
12-weather - Me'shelle 'NDego-O'Cello
13-king of limbs - radiohead
14-Noel Gallagher's high flying Birds
15-el camino -black keys
16-collapse into now -R.E.M.
17-seeds we sow - Lindsay Buckingham
18-here and now - nickelback
19-eukele songs - eddie vedder
20-hats off to the bull - chevelle

other artistes whose new albums that I've listened to in 2011 include
blessed (Lucinda Williams); I'm with you (red hot chli peppers); build a rocket boys! (elbow); fallen empire (snow patrol); rock pango (los lonely boys); demons: the nomad series, vol. 2 (cowboy junkies); charm school (roxette);Revelation, Pt. 1: The Root of Life (stephen marley); let england bleed (PJ Harvey); black & white america (lenny kravitz); low country blues (greg allman); 21 (adele); in your dreams (stevie nicks); destroyed (moby), in the sequence of my preferences of those albums....