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What do bookworms do for exercise?


New Member
Nice to see another NBA fan @ B&R. Only a few around.

What do you think or would like to happen for the future of Kobe and KG ??


New Member
I would love to see a three-way trade between the t-wolves, knicks and the lakers. Where Kobe and Garnett end up in Madison Square Garden. How sick would that be? I'm not much of a lakers fan anymore but a big Kobe fan, so I would love to see him with the knicks. Hopefully he doesn't get dissuaded by the likes of Jerry Buss or Phil Jackson.

My 2 cents.


I ride bike lots, try to bike to work when I have the time. I also play volleyball year round, indoor in the winter and beach in the summer.


New Member
If I'm not involved with my bibliophile stuff, it would have something to do with music! I love music! What has that got to do with exercise? I dance!

Nope, I do not have natural talent. I dance just for the pleasure of swaying and moving to my beloved music! Great workout, and lots of fun!


New Member
Maizara, hi.

Dancing is such good exercise and so much fun! I'm actually too lazy to dance - but strangely not too lazy to go running. ; p

You've got a great keep fit activity with that one. : )


New Member
I play tennis for 2 hours once a week (though now i'm on holiday it will be twice a week till university starts again). And sometimes but rarely i'll do some workout at home in the evening but that's so rare heh.


New Member
When I can find the time away from school, I go running. I was on the track and cross country team in high school and after I graduated, I stuck with it. I enjoy it. It's a good work out and I think it's a stress reliever.


New Member
i go to rock concerts, mosh and pogo and sweat and come home smelling like ass, smoke and incense...gross...crazy...i know...:cool: :cool: :cool:


New Member
Yoga, when I can get motivated. And a treadmill, which is boring but effective. I need to stay thin so I can spend money on books instead of new, bigger clothes.

Exactly. Yoga, but I don't always feel like going. But I hate all kinds of exercise. If I weren't so afraid of becoming the michelin dummy, I would never go to the gym. I get bored easily.



New Member
I love playing football (soccer) with my friends, and I'll jog and stretch before and after a game. I'm also trying to get myself to do pushups and pullups each night before sleeping.


New Member
I'm an avid runner and a cyclist. I do some weight training just to stay toned, but running and cycling are my real passions, in addition to reading.


New Member
I've been lacking exercise ever since i moved to the poconos (away from NJ, the land of walkingeverywhere) i'm moving to NYC for college, so i'll be getting more exercise through walking then. now, i weightlift every-other-day before going to bed. i try to get in 20 minutes of jumproping (think boxing) a few times a week.


New Member
Heavy books

I rearange my library quite often and i have 1082 books and thats maybe about a ton of books, and I bike to go get more books and occasionally walk to go get more books.


New Member
Resistance Bands

I will soon start working out using resistance bands. Has anyone ever used them? What results have you seen?


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
Hiking and mountain biking.

I will soon start working out using resistance bands. Has anyone ever used them? What results have you seen?

My physical therapist gave me some. They're pretty easy to use. Ask me again in a month.