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What to do with these books?


Active Member
I need help. I have these books and Iwould really like to know if any of you have read any of them or is worth keeping otherwise they are going to a hospital book store where they sell them to help with hospital funds.
Tom Clancy-Debt Of Honor
Robert Ludlum-Trevayne
John Sanford-Sudden Pray
Tom Clancy-The Cardinal Of The Kremlin
Stella Cameron-Kiss Them Goodbye
Daoma Winston-Mira
Nelso Demille- The Talbot Odyssey
Gerald Brown-18mm Blues
Thomas Harris-Red Dragon
Robert Ludlum-Road To Gandofo
Lawrence Sanders-Caper
Christine Feehan-Dark Destiny
John Sanford- Hanged Mans Song
John Grisham-A Time To Kill
Elizabeth Peters-Children Of The Storm
Elmore Leonard-Split Images
Patricia Cornwell-Black Notice
Frederick Forsyth-Avenger
Tim Lahaye-Secret Of Ararat


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
I like Tom Clancy and The Cardinal of the Kremlin is one of my favorites. Nice spy story and a fast read.


New Member
The only authors I have any experience with are Elizabeth Peters and Patricia Cornwell.

Peters is good and has written several series, the best being the Egyptian archaeologist couple who solve crimes and have adventures, both ancient and modern. Children of the Storm may be from that series (can't remember all the titles), but if so is one of the later books. Best to begin at the beginning.

I liked Cornwell's early series with the forensic pathologist, but think her later books deteriorated.

Give them to the hospital.


Active Member
I liked A Time To Kill, but the rest I would give away. Of course, it entirely depends on what you are into. A lot of them seem to be thrillers and espionage type books. If you enjoy that, then you should keep them.


New Member
You should keep A Time to Kill and Road to Gandolfo. My husband has urged me repeatedly (ok, nagged and nagged at me :) ) to read Gandolfo. He claims it is hysterically funny. I do plan to pull it out of the TBR Warehouse someday and read it. I'm sure he's right.

I also like Cornwell and Peters but haven't read either of those, so you may want to hang onto them just in case.


Active Member
To the hospital, for sure.

A few months ago I had a clearout and gave three boxes full of books - paperbacks and hardbacks, some first editions - to a charity shop. Most of them had never been read. I never had the room and was never likely to read them.


Well-Known Member
I would keep the Tom Clancy book. He is a good writer of the techno-thriller genre, heck, he practically invented it. Never heard of the other books on that list.


Active Member
Thanks, I appreciate all of your opinions.:) They were given to me and I think I have read one in the whole lot.


Active Member
I must admit I haven't read any of those books. If the synopsis doesn't grab your curiosity then give them to the hospital charity shop.


Well-Known Member
Keep Road to Gandolfo by Ludlum. It's very funny and quite an atypical Ludlum. A Time to Kill is also pretty good.



Active Member
I will keep and read ROAD TO GANDOLFO and as for the others you recomended ,I will give them a try and they can go to charity 2nd time around:)