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What's your occupation?

So do you want to get back into work ruby? Iv always wondered if id leave work to have kids. My mum did but went back part time when i went to nursery. My mum is a nurse :)
I am not occupied. I have been though - that is I have worked. I'm otherwise usually only occupied when I'm busy and I've been four times occupied with little people.

Way back, when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I started as the neighborhood babysitter, for a summer I had a job mailing out an auto parts magazine, I then moved on to do housekeeping (cleaning), then waitressing, for a while I was a live-in (nanny/housekeeper), then I worked at a clothing factory, then I did waitressing again, then I did packaging at a cereal factory (this is not a job I would recommend), then I did line work and shipping in another factory, then I worked for a communications company installing phone and voicemail systems (I did programming and hardward upgrades), then I worked at a oil change place, then I shipping and receiving for a printers, then I did bindery (machine operator) work, then I did copier maintenance and training and eventually copier repair. And somewhere in there I had a paper route. I took bus driver training but after passing all the training I decided it would be too stressful.

That was exhausting, I think I'll go take a nap now.
i run a 10 room inn on cape cod.....i love it! i work from home, i have really, no one to answer to, the guests are usually out the door after breakfast. i don't pay rent or bills...i look out onto a pool, i soak in the hot tub during winter. i meet loads of interesting, and sometimes not so interesting people. it's such a cool job!
I'm a art/design/illustration-student.
When I "grow up" I am going to be an art director/editor in Mojo magazine. At least that's what I'm aiming for, something like that.
Ronny said:
Oh, poor thing, did he kick you when you didn't pay out?

Actually, the bouncer escorted him from the establishment before he could go much further.

We have rules, you know!

1. Don't fondle the talent!

(I just wish he had let go before they snatched him out of the stool! ouch!)
Ronny said:
Maybe he though you were a slot machine? :confused:
At first I thought he was an ATM and kept sliding my card down his ass crack, but then I found you could get coins to come out by pulling on that tiny lever in front.