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Which magazines do you read?


Active Member
Seems like this area is non very popular :( So which magazines (if any) do you read and what do you think of them?

I subscribe to a UK magazine called Digital Photo. Although I'm not very good with Paint Shop Pro, I still enjoy reading about how to apply all the clever effects etc... My only problem with the magazine is that it concentrates too much on Adobe Photoshop. Whilst Photoshop is an excellent package, I'm not prepared to pay out £500 for it! I bought Paint Shop Pro, and I'm sticking with that :)

I occasionally pick up a computer or DVD magazine, but a lot more info is usually available online.
I only read music-related magazines to be honest. I have a subscription to the Dutch magazine OOR (desperately trying to get out of it though), and I pick up copies of Aardschok, Mindview (it's free, yay!) and others from time to time...
Maximum PC, Revolver, Alternative Press, Reptiles, FHM (UK edition, our North American edition pics aren't as good), Stuff, Playboy(the articles are top notch ;)), Maxim Blender, and sometimes PC Gamer.
As far as magazines go, I tend to find myself siding with lies. When I was living in Japan, I used to have a subscription to top UK music mag, Q. It's a fairly mainstream affair, but it gets into the modern scene pretty well when necessary. If it hadn't been for Q then I wouldn't have got into new-punk bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Good magazines rule. Yo.

Or something.

what i just read....

GQ and Vogue, because Jude Law *sigh~* was in them! hey, were you really in japan, toby? (or is that something you just said to impress?) everything is so expensive there, right? (well, except for those elctronics....those are cheap ) i had a friend who lived there for 9 years, and she bought one of the most ugliest, fugliest sweater i have ever seen there. oops, a little off topic, well, um...anyways, i don't suppose anyone would want a picture of that horrendous sweater now, would they? -B

Spaz.....you know you waaant it~ LOL!!! :p :D
I hate those stupid teen mags for little girl. People is almost as bad as a tabloid. i dunno.. i used to ead cosmo, but its borederline playboy now. ive started reading different newspapers now, if you have a local newspaper mag, try it, they can be pretty good...

Bebe, dont even go there..... ;)
you need gossipy people to post in the mag sections lol
that's all mag people do... read about People, and gossip about it lol
gossipy mags arent really that great, they're just like a flashier, more stylish version of supermarket tabloids. -B
I was going to start a new thread on this subject then I found this one.

I read 4 Land Rover Magazines, 2 or 3 computing Mags, 6 or more trade magazines at least every month. There's always a LR mag in the toilet. If I haven't got access to a book or mag I'll read anything, back of cereal packets, instruction books etc.

I'm with Mike on this one. The cereal box makes for very stimulating reading pre-caffeine. When I can't get a good cereal box though, I like the Economist, though its hard to find around here. It's considerably more no-nonsense than most of its genre. I used to take U.S. News and even Business Week but found them to be mostly rhetoric and political posturing--who slung what mud at their colleagues, etc. Theres the perpetual stack of Parent, Baby, American Baby, ad nauseam, in the can, next to the couch, on the table--basically where ever they land. Hordes of these seem to appear whenever children enter the equation. No ezines to speak of either, but I might consider it if I found a good one.
Same here Prolixic: magazines like American Baby, Babytalk, etc. piling up everywhere:)

Otherwise I sometimes read "Book", sometimes "Premiere" (about movies) but mostly I prefer to read novels than magazines...
I subscribe to "Poets and Writers." My mother-in-law sends me all her old decorating and architecture magazines, which I love. Now that we've bought a house again after a few months in an apartment, I'll probably start getting some decorating magazines.
I'm a magazine junkie. I subscribe to: Vanity Fair, Time, The New Yorker, Real Simple, A Real Life, Bon Appetit, Coastal Living and my husband gets Architectual Digest and Conde Nast TRavel.
I have a pile of unread NZ PC Worlds and NetGuides that need reading. I also read my wife's Woman's Day (for the short stories, and to laugh at the psychic pages). If I can get at them, the latest Time and Listener magazines as well. (Generally only when I'm off-shore for these two.)
Asimov, Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction--all short stories, novelettes, editorials. Good stuff.

Jillions of baby mags too.
I get more magazines than I can possibly read, lol. National Geographic, Guideposts, even Good Housekeeping. My sons get several they "digest" for me, including Popular Science, and one about animals...
Am very boring in that respect except
Petit Spirou when I am in the homeland
Vecu idem
Comics International
Was addicted to Tintin when I was a kiddy
Love the Saturday supplement to El Pais: Great society journalism going in that newspaper - shame the www edition is no longer free...
Otherwise looks like more Astronomy today, New Scientist .... The April issue opens with great paper on Irak's war and stupidity of even thinking that war could be *fully* human sigh.... :D

Morry :)