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Which magazines do you read?

We get more magazines than we could ever read also... I always KNOW they won't all get read but still subscribe.

and a Recipe one I can't remember the name of.....

I subscribe to quite a few...weed out the ones I don't like after the first year runs out...right now I have...

Spirituality & Health
In Britain
New Type which is an anime magazine that is down in english and japanese. You can buy both here in America. I also read Animerica and Animerica Extra... I read some Wizard magazines.... I read fantasy magazines and whatever I see interesting I will buy.
Definitely more than I can keep up with!
Fitness RX
Cooking Light
Nursing 2003
and would like to get Newsweek or Time:p ~Kalley;)
The ones i get every month -

Empire, SFX, Fortean Times, PC Zone

The ones my girlfriend gets that i steal and read when she isnt looking :) -

Cosmopolitan, Real Robots

The ones i get when the mood grabs me -

FHM, Maxim, Hotdog, British Archaeology, National Geographic
I only get SFX now - I've got them all from issue 1. I used to get Empire but the price kept going up and I started disagreeing with most of their reviews, so I packed it in. Sometimes I still buy it if it has a big section on something I'm really interested in (usually Lord of the Rings! :) )
TheDon said:
empire ( the best film mag ever)

I could not agree with you more. I absolutely devour that magazine, I literally read every single letter in the friggin' thing. I tear it to pieces. Love it!


Cheers, Martin :D
I subscribe to BBC History magazine. It generally has a good mix of accessible but intelligent articles, ranging from ancient to twentieth century history. It also has a very good history book review section, which helps keep me up to date with new releases in the genre.

I think we have a shortage of current affairs magazines in the UK, perhaps because the ever expanding weekend newspapers have claimed the territory. The Spectator and New Statesman are too polarised. I occasionally buy the monthly Prospect, but it can be a bit heavy going, not least because of the very small font.
HEre in quebec, I Read the Derniere Heure, very good mag. Also the Walrus, a new canadian mag, in the style of Times. Also PcWorld. the HUB magazine, a free one about electronics, was known as the Ottawa Computes. At last, Literary Calvacade, By scholastics, for the writing hints and Writer information. When I get the opportunity, I grab a Courrier International.
The magazine I've most kept up with for years is Texas Monthly. I wish more mags were like it - current events, history, human interest, photos. Fortunately, Texas is a big state so it has a very large dedicated readership.

When I worked at a bookstore I used to read the british film mags and loved them. But too expensive to buy over here. I make do with Entertainment Weekly.

We also have a Volkswagen obsession and so many, many car magazines. If only car magazine writers' grammar was better.

I also get Popular Science, the last issue was varied and interesting but the 3 before that were obsessed with aviation and talked of nothing else.

I also like the occasional home/decorating magazine. They are always inspirational. I always think, "I could do that! It looks easy!" and then don't do it.

The thing I hate about magazines is that now, since I wrangled a set of very cheap subscriptions, is the way that they stack up. There's nothing that can make you feel as inadequate as a stack of magazines that you need to read before the next set comes in the mail.
Oh, and I will never, ever forget a letter I read in Empire magazine. It was during the whole Star Wars obsession phase before the movie was released, and the letter and response went something like this:

Will you please please please please please (please repeated 25 more times) shut the **** up about Star Wars?

Answer: No.
Hmmm... can't remember that letter, but maybe that was before my time. I've been reading it for 3,5 years now. Love the mag, couldn't do without it!

I agree with the writer of the letter, though!

Cheers, Martin :D
I only buy two magazines nowadays - Webactive and Web User. I used to subscribe to Readers Digest, but ended up with about a years worth lying unread, so gave up on it!


total film - occasionall

everything else browsed if i need to timewaste in a supermarket (we all do it ...admit it!!!)
I used to subscribe to a hand full of magazines but found they cut into my time to read books. Now I stick to the most important magazine of all time. That's right, The Hockey News. It has it all. Intrigue, gossip, hi-tech, world events, humor. I ask you, how can a household survive without it in Today's age?