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Which magazines do you read?

Family Circle, Woman's Day are the ones I keep buying. I should jusrt subscribe... :rolleyes:
I like reading Taste of Home. Parenting, Parents, Child...
SInce I can't afford to subscribe to magazines, and in the library I would rather take out books, i don't read them much...

I buy a number sporadically covering basic men's stuff (FHM, etc.) to history mags, science mags, computer and console mags, and writing magazines. I hold no loyalty to any though.
I don't read anything too intellectual. FHM, Loaded, Front, Bizarre, Ice, as well are FourFourTwo and World Soccer. Have a subscription to PC Gamer as well
porno. lots of porno. that's it. all I do is drink, smoke and watch porno.

it's multicultural ... y'know ... becuz anybody can watch it.
Yeah, well, porn! That goes without mentioning, doesnt it?

The question should have been: What magazines do you read, besides porn?

Cheers, Martin :D
I' ve been buying less and less in terms of magazines, but I still get the occasional:


PC Zone got a bit crap around issue 110 or so when it became too C&VG like so I've not gone back to it.

I am tempted by the Analog and Asimov magazines
Darren Lewis said:
Seems like this area is non very popular :( So which magazines (if any) do you read and what do you think of them?

I subscribe to a UK magazine called Digital Photo. Although I'm not very good with Paint Shop Pro, I still enjoy reading about how to apply all the clever effects etc... My only problem with the magazine is that it concentrates too much on Adobe Photoshop. Whilst Photoshop is an excellent package, I'm not prepared to pay out £500 for it! I bought Paint Shop Pro, and I'm sticking with that :)

I occasionally pick up a computer or DVD magazine, but a lot more info is usually available online.

I normally read Mizz, sugar, bliss, shout...