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Who is your favourite author, and why?


For me, my favourite author is Dick Francis. At the moment I am halfway to having all forty of his novels.
What makes him special to me is the detailed research that went into them. I found out only recently that it was his wife who did the research. During the time he was writing she learned photography and to fly a plane.


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i know im probably repeating some one but my favortive autor is Orson Scott Card. Ever since 2 years ago i have been transfixed with his books. :D


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Hi everyone, I am new around here and very happy to have found this site!
To introduce myself I will start here with my top 5 favorite authors.
1 Michael Moorcock
2 James Michener
3 Mary Doria Russell
4 Steven Lawhead
5 Marion Zimmer Bradley


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martin amis.
have a quick delve into anything he's written next time you're in a bookshop & i promise you'll be impressed. :cool:


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Are you kidding?

Originally posted by Prolixic
Ahem. Who?

Take a close look at this link http://www.fireandwater.com/microsites/patrickobrian/home.asp and then buy Master and Commander.

His works are NOT adventure stories in the vein of Alexander Kent or C.S. Forester or even Bernard Cornwell. Instead they are realistic portrayals of life at sea in the time of Nelson. I can see you backing away in fear but they are real works of literature, the kind of thing that should win the Booker Prize.


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Am stuck to Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
So good being stuck by a book for a change,



It is quite difficult for me to decide which authors I like best. I even don't have my favourite genre. But if I am to choose, I would say that Antoine de Saint-Exupery, (although I haven't read many of his works), for his great faith in human, and J. R. R. Tolkien. I know it may seem a bit childlish, as for somebody in my age, but I am also fond of L. M. Montgomery. I've liked her books since my early childhood and I am still used to reading them whenever I feel tired or sad. I think that her books are full of irresistible charm and humour.


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I used to be a big James Patterson fan until recently because I have gone off books that always have the same character in them. My favourite of his were 'Kiss the Girls' and 'Hide and Seek'. Now I'd have to say that my favourite authors are Amy Tan and Jenny Diski.
Favourite Authors

So we are all talking about our favourite authors. Reading some of the posts and the listing of your favourite authors I then start to ask whether the choice of author relates to the location of the poster. For instance is such and such an author equally well known on both sides of the Atlantic and Down Under? What does such and such an author write about? Is it fantasy, historical, action and adventure, science fiction, love, or fiction based on fact? etc. I for one only like to read stories that I can relate to, such as historical and action and adventure novels. I also like to read first hand accounts.

I for one have never heard of Amy Tan and Jenny Diski. What do they write about?

I used to enjoy Jack Higgins but then I found that his writing seemed to be deteriationg. The films based on his books are great tho. My favourite authors are now Andy McNab and Chris Ryan but I have started to look at these authors in a differnt light after reading "The Real Bravo Two Zero" by Michael Asher. This book implies that the accounts written by Andy McNab and Chris Ryan concerning the SAS patrol, led by McNab, that was inserted deep behind enemy lines in the Iraqi desert during the Gulf War, Quote - "grew considerably in the telling"

Perhaps this is why they write such brilliant books now. Who else could make lying up all day in an observation post such interesting reading.

Have you guys across the Atlantic and Down Under heard of these two guys?


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I think you're right, Ian Sanders, that geography plays a part in deciding who our fave authors might be. Being on the other side of the puddle to you, I have heard of Andy McNab (I think) but not Michael Asher or Chris Ryan.

I do find that my favorite authors tend to be from one of two places: Canada or the UK. I don't know why this is - it's not a conscious choosing on my part. Perhaps the reason for the Canada preference is - those are the books I grew up with. Hugh MacLennan and Timothy Findley are very important writers for me. As for the UK preference - no idea. I just seem to be able to relate more to Iris Murdoch or Anita Brookner than Toni Morrison or Elmore Leonard. But then Stephen King is one of my fave authors - explain that!!!