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Who is your favourite author, and why?


New Member
Hey Bubbles,Joanne Harris is my favourite author too!She writes oh so beautifully.I like Coastliners the best with Blackberry Wine a close second.I agree with you,Orange has a slightly bitter taste to it.Havent read Chocolat yet.Have seen the movie though which is probably why I havent read the book yet.
PD james is another author which i like,also jeffrey Deaver.


New Member
Originally posted by Blade
I've recently got into Harlan Coben myself and really enjoyed the few I've read. At the moment I'm working my way through Richard Laymons books.
Which Coben books have you read?


New Member
Favorite? Tough call.

If it was the author with a new book I most anticipated getting and reading, it would be JK Rowling.

If it's the one that I get engrossed in and can't put the book down until I'm done, it would have to be Dennis Lehane's Patrick Kenzie series.

But there are still tons more I enjoy.


New Member
Hi Cory :)
Had to go and dig out the Coben books I've got...it's been a while! I have Tell No One, Gone For Good and Darkest Fear. I probably would have read some more but a couple of other authors caught my eye.


New Member
Originally posted by Blade
Hi Cory :)
Had to go and dig out the Coben books I've got...it's been a while! I have Tell No One, Gone For Good and Darkest Fear. I probably would have read some more but a couple of other authors caught my eye.
I thought Tell No One and Gone For Good were great. No Second Chance was pretty good as well. I have darkest fear, but haven't read that yet.


New Member
For the classics: Jane Austen and Mark Twain.
For Fantasy: Mercedes Lackey
For Romance: Christina Dodd
For the one that no one else has heard of but should check out: Donald Barthelme
For the Moderns: I'll be keeping a very close watch on Nick Hornsby and Neil Gaiman


New Member
Wow, Donald Barthelme! I remember being very impressed with his book Snow White back when I was in college.


New Member
Amy Tan is wonderful and very compelling. You also get a quick history lesson on China! I generally like most authors and i give them all a chance. Earlier in the forum there was discussion on Grisham. I thought 'The Client' was one of his better works. One of my most absolute favourite authors is John Marsden. He is absolutely one of the best writers.

Marc Levy, with his 3 books are so delectable. Maybe he hasn't the best writing skills of the world but his imagination is just extraordinary.


New Member
Mine changes.


Used to think Tom Clancy books were great but he has lost his spark, as has Dale Brown. Tom has become tired and Dale writes to a formula.

Clive Cussler has always written to a formula, but it's become way too repetitive , infact the books where he 'writes' with another partner are better than his own efforts IMO.

My current favourite is Vince Flynn .bibliography here .
Fast paced and actually believable, I have read his first 3 novels and will read the fourth in a weeks time.

So many to choose from.

Frank Herbert. Dune series plus others, bibliography here .

Has to be George RR Martin. bibliography here. A feast of crows in April? I hope? Has a fresh style and will actually kill 'heros' and not have them re-incarnate or escape at the last second.

These are the only genres I read.


New Member
i love judy blume. she portrays women as very strong creatures. plus, she is awesome at descriptions.

chuck palahniuk is hypnotic. he has the craziest ideas. some of his writings are disturbing, but they're so real. i can never put his books down.

francesca lia block is wonderful. she is very much a fantasy writer. somehow, she incorporates fairies and such and still makes them interesting enough for an adult to read. she has a way of describing love, sex, scenary that takes my breath away (literally).


Active Member
On Palahniuk: I, too, love him. I was introduced to him through the film 'Fight Club' (which is one of my top three favourite films) and some time later decided to buy and read 'Choke', which I absolutely loved. Last week I treated myself to a copy of 'Survivor', which promises to be great!

Some people call him 'the poor man's Brett Easton Ellis'. Well, I've read both ('Choke' for Palahniuk, and 'The Rules of Attraction' for Ellis) and I absolutely do not agree one bloody bit. Ellis is enjoyable, but doesn't even scratch the surface of what Palahniuk does.

There. Rant over.

Cheers, Martin :D

*EDIT: To stay on topic, my favourite author is Douglas Adams.... or Kurt Vonnegut... or the aforementioned Palahniuk... or Tom Robbins... or...


New Member
Margaret Atwwood combines science fiction, social realism, myth and parody with excellent writing and gripping multi layered stories. "The Robber Bride" , based on Grimms fairy tale, is my favourite. Meg


New Member
1) Tolstoy, he had a brilliant understanding of society and philosophy.

2) Dostoevsky, brilliant psychoanalysis

3) Tolkien, creative genius.

4) Shakespeare, must I say more?

5) Dumas, thrilling, beautiful.

I chose not to include the many Persian poets I love, being Persian, because it would be too difficult! But I love Mohlavi the most among them, and also Hafez, Saadi, and Ferdowsi.


Even if his novels are hit-and-miss, I think Dan Simmons' prose is the best out there.
Clive Barker can be simply amazing (Imajica)
Thomas Harris was a favorite, until Hannibal....
Greg Iles is a wonderful writer, check out Mortal Fear.
Orson Scott Card, for Treason and Ender's Game.

Don't know if he's a favorite of mine yet, we'll see, but I found Wally Lamb to be a great read (don't laugh)...I loved I Know This Much Is True and I'm anxious to see what's next from him.

And (and don't laugh again), as much as I love to hate the guy, when he is good, especially when writing about kids, Stephen King can really hook me.