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Who is your favourite author, and why?


New Member
Hi Ian,

I'm here in the UK and bought both these books over here, but Amy Tan is well known in the US as well, I think (where I am originally from). Tan writes about personal stories and doesn't hold back ont he tragedy and honestly. One you may have heard of is 'The Joy Luck Club'? Jenny Diski writes about all sorts of things like travelling in the London Underground and meeting people, but she also writes some uniquely bizarre fiction as well. I like variety in my reading!

Hope that helps. :)



New Member
My favorite author is John Grisham, James Patterson, and a new author Rose can't remember her last name she wrote a book"HE NEVER CALLED AGAIN".


New Member
My favourite authors right now are Nora Roberts (particularly her Irish and Three Sisters trilogies) and Anne McCaffrey.

I pick Nora because I love happy endings and I can read her books over and over and over and never be bored of them. Of hers, right now, I'm reading Carolina Moon, Jewels of the Sun, and I just finished Cordina's Crown Jewel.

I pick Anne because I love her Dragonriders of Pern books, and I love the fact that I used to daydream about being Lessa, and flying with Ramoth to Ruatha..etc. etc. Of hers, right now, I'm reading The Ship Who Sang, and I just finished Dragonflight for the quadrillionth time. :D


New Member
My favourite author at the moment is Terry Pratchett. I love his sense of humour! :) Stephen King used to be my fave but I have not enjoyed his most recent work much.


New Member
my favorite author??????
well for me its kind of a toss up between Dean Koonz, and F. Paul Wilson.....but its kinda hard for me to say that cus im kinda young and they are the only authors i have read a lot of

actually if anyone has read these authors and know any authors that write like them please share cus im tryin to find new authors to read.


New Member
I am a big fan of Elmore Leonard.

Leonards style of writing is right up my street. Fast, sharp dialogue that is always to the point. For those not familiar with Leonards work, a few of his books have been turned into films, the most notable being Jackie Brown, though the book was originally titled Rum Punch. Out Of Sight is another, but in this case i did not think the film lived up to the book (they very seldom do!). The best of the bunch has to be Get Shorty, i loved the book and the film, in my opinion, was just as good!

If you enjoy reading crime fiction, give Elmore Leonards books a try.


New Member
Ive read a couple of Elmore Leonard's books and can confirm that they are great :)

Was Maximum Bob one of his - i think it was but cant remember :confused:


New Member
Yes, it is one of his many classics. There was a tv series based on the book, but i have yet to see it!


New Member
Ive seen a couple of episodes from the series - it doesnt follow the book very closely, the policeman guy doesnt get killed for example - but it was quite cool and funny :)


New Member
I've recently become a big fan of Harlan Coben! His books are page turners and they have twists even up into the epilogue. I recommend him to just about everyone and I have yet to meet a person who has not loved his stuff!


New Member
I've recently got into Harlan Coben myself and really enjoyed the few I've read. At the moment I'm working my way through Richard Laymons books.
I think Charles Dickens is my favorite. I do like Dean Koontz sometimes - Phantoms nearly scared my socks off. I was all alone, it was nighttime, and I only had one dim light on in the house. My clock, which was in the same room, chimed the hour. I screamed and threw the book. Guess it was just the setting I was in. I also like to read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books - the first are better than the last. Robin Cook is good for a quick read. You know, as I'm rambling, I guess that's it.


New Member
Mercedes Lackey,..the believable chatacters and places are what really caught me, especially the bards and gryphons...


New Member
Originally posted by avidreader55
I think Charles Dickens is my favorite.

I also very much like Charles Dickens - which is your favourite of his? Mine, so far, has to be Great Expectations featuring the hateful Pip and the wonderful creation of Miss Havisham.



New Member
I don't think I can narrow it down to one, I would have to vote for Harlan Coben - I discovered him with Final Detail, which is one of the later books featuring Myron Bolitar, after reading all of the Myron books I then got into his more recent ones and loved them more.
I'm also a big Grisham fan (in most cases, definitely not Bleachers though - big huge yawn), and Janet Evanovich makes me laugh uncontrollably. I also like John Saul and Lisa Scottoline.

Matt Gordon

New Member
C.S. Lewis

Also, very honorable mentions:

Elmore Leonard
Os Guinness
Carl Hiassen

Oh... I forgot to add Robert Littell to that list.