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Recent content by Ben Holiday

  1. Ben Holiday

    Lynn Flewelling

    The Oracles Queen is now out just got around to picking up a copy yesterday will post my thoughts on it towards this weekend.:D
  2. Ben Holiday

    Lynn Flewelling

    The Bone Dolls Twin is one of the few books I've really enjoyed in this past year as well as it's follow up Hidden Warrior as yet I have not tracked down any of her previous series but that's on my list if I ever see them in a book store. I can't wait until the end of this month when the third...
  3. Ben Holiday

    Terry Brooks

    I would never read Brooks horrible just horrible hmm what about my forum name?:p I think the Word and Void trilogy are his best books to date it's too bad he felt the need to tie them into the Shannara universe that just brings down their value imho. I think Brooks has evolved a bit while I...
  4. Ben Holiday

    Space sci-fi with a compelling story

    A Talent For War by Jack McDevitt falls into this category one of the few sci-fi books I enjoyed. But do not waste time picking up a copy of Polaris a new book with the same characters but it seemed like a complete rehash of the original with the lead role switched.
  5. Ben Holiday

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Discussion *Spoiler Alert*

    I finally got around to reading this as well and enjoyed it overall but found many of the same sore points others did here. It seemed quite strange how far school and characters were shoved in the back here 60% of the book seemed to be Harry thinking about Malfoy or trying to convince the others...
  6. Ben Holiday

    Good vs Evil

    The Word & the Void Trilogy by Terry Brooks is definitely good vs. evil consisting of. Running with the Demon A Knight of the Word Angel Fire East His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman could easily be another that might interest you. The Golden Compass The Subtle Knife The Amber...
  7. Ben Holiday

    James Patterson.

    I enjoyed the two movies based on his books but made the mistake of picking up the book Hide & Seek to see if I would enjoy the style of writing. It turned out to be a mistake I did finish the book but it mainly reminded me of the horror books I read when I was a teenager I'm not saying it was...
  8. Ben Holiday

    Favorite Eye Candy/Fluff authors

    That gives me a creepy hair raising feeling like someone just walked over my grave in the future to think someone liked Eddings Belgarion character over Sparhawk, sigh. Isn't it a beautiful thing to disagree :D I much prefer the aging warrior to the dish washing king though. I still have my...
  9. Ben Holiday

    Reading in October

    I'm currently reading the Warlock trilogy by Andre Norton I am on the final book now which has been quite different form the first two but still very enjoyable.
  10. Ben Holiday

    Current fantasy reads

    I thought the Thief of Always was great and have been a big fan of the Faded Sun trilogy for many years I always try to force it and Rusalka into other peoples reading lists.
  11. Ben Holiday

    Dave Duncan: Appreciation Thread

    To be honest I have only read one book by Duncan and it has always held a spot on my shelf since it was "The Hunters' Haunt" a story of Omar the trader of tales. What can I say I've always had a thing for vagabond storytellers. :D
  12. Ben Holiday

    Current fantasy reads

    I'll have to track that one down if it comes anywhere close to the way Three Hearts & Three Lions was written it will be a must read for me.
  13. Ben Holiday

    Current fantasy reads

    Well I was going to continue lurking but your avatar always gets a giggle out of me, Litany reminds me of one of those horrid romance book covers from the 50's and 60's. The last fantasy read I had was "Three Hearts and Three Lions" by Poul Anderson this was the first fantasy book I'd read by...
  14. Ben Holiday

    home at last! please help with a title...

    If I'm not mistaken you could be thinking of one of my favorite books by "P.C. Hodgell" the title would be "God Stalk" a good read if anyone else is interested. :D
  15. Ben Holiday

    Book Discussion - Shadow of the Torturer

    This is actually a very good book with a nice motley cast of characters the lead of course being Severian of the Torturers Guild. The second book The Claw of the Conciliator may be the faster paced of the two but I found the first to be more engrossing then any of the others in the five part...