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Recent content by ControlArmsNow

  1. ControlArmsNow

    What are you listening to Right now?

    It could be worse, you could be listening to . . . er? . . . Oh yes, "Wired for Sound". That's worse. Although it's all relative. I'm listening to Performance and Cocktails by The Stereophonics, which I thought I liked but now just sounds like a miserable dirge.
  2. ControlArmsNow

    Happy Birthday ControlArmsNow!

    Cheers ds. A good time was had by all. No, it's marketed by a company called Accoutrements.
  3. ControlArmsNow

    Happy Birthday Martin

    :D Birthday greetings - have a good one.
  4. ControlArmsNow

    Happy Birthday, Billy O!

    Happy bday, Mr O.
  5. ControlArmsNow

    Latest music purchase

    I was given a dvd and book set; Inside Pink Floyd: A Critical Review 1967 - 1996. Moderately interesting, in an anally retentive sort of way. (For instance, did you know that "On The Run came about as a result of Waters and Gilmour experimenting with a VCS 3 synthesiser, creating an eight-note...
  6. ControlArmsNow

    Happy Birthday ControlArmsNow!

    :) Thanks to you all - I'm truly moved! Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was abroad for Christmas and New Year - climbing mountains in Tenerife :cool:, which was my Christmas and birthday present in one, although I did get an Edgar Allan Poe action figure (see below) and of course some books...
  7. ControlArmsNow

    Holocaust Books

    I'd recommend everybody reads If This is a Man by Primo Levi
  8. ControlArmsNow

    Pick One...

    Orwell. No, Steinbeck. No, Orwell. No, . . . :eek: I give up.
  9. ControlArmsNow


    The level of Solzhenitsyn's recognition in Europe can be measured by the fact that he was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature (1970, I think), but I'm not really surprised he's not widely read in the U.S., despite the fact that he lived in Vermont for 20 years after being expelled from Soviet...
  10. ControlArmsNow

    Favorite Quotes

    "A book, tight shut, is but a block of wood."
  11. ControlArmsNow

    Bad Sex Award

    Oh. My. God.
  12. ControlArmsNow


    I did not jump! ;)
  13. ControlArmsNow

    Hey there

    Welcome to our humble abode.
  14. ControlArmsNow

    Top ten books sold in the U.K

    I see Deception Point has dropped to No.9 (Guardian best-selling books) - that's a place below The Beano Annual. Quite right, too.