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Recent content by giffen

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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    @PrincessFiona60 That made me smile. Because we moved a lot, including from country to country, I often went for long periods without formal schooling. We were living in Mexico, near Chapala, and I was full of 'whys' especially about spiritual things. My father handed me a book by Emmett Fox...
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    @Fantasy Moon No, I haven't! I came across Lord of the Rings (one book) just before exam week at Cambridge and sat up all night reading it and into the dawn. I was so thrilled with it I began all over again, but slowly! I then had no time and since just forgot he did others. Though real...
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    Another Bites The Dust...Man!

    Wow. I thought your original post was meant to be wry humour, but "I hate every bit it. You can trust me on that one," sounded very sincere. I'm sorry you are having such a rotten time. I hope you soon find one where the other members feel as comfortable having you there as you are to be there.
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Fantasy Moon, That does sound interesting! If I wan't printing and launching a book (and writing the sequel) at the moment I would hunt down a copy. Oh well, I may have time around Christmas ....
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Fantasy Moon, I haven't read that one of Tolkien's. Any good? I loved the three Ring books, and was very disappointed that the return to the Shire was left out of the last movie, though it didn't spoil it for me. Have you read the timetables at the back? I found them very satisfying!
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Hi Canuck, You are welcome. Actually he wrote a lot of books. You may enjoy his two Master Mariner books, I did. Two or three of his books were made into movies.
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    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Life of Pi and Jeeves! How terrific, both good books! I can't really compete as I rescued mine at our recycling depot: an old Winnie the Pooh - not Disney - and Monsuratt's 'The Ship that Died of Shame.'
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    Another Bites The Dust...Man!

    Is everyone out of step but you? Why did they? You sound as if you enjoy it? Do you?
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    My Amazon Kindle review....finally!

    I haven't got that many on my sony yet. what is the last one you bought?
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    How many books do you own?

    I couldn't help laughing at 'truly violet's' reply as I can SO empathize. I have had years to gather these friends about me too, and for a long time it was just as she described, then I built a house with a huge library, with all the aisles and alcoves etc to store them. Over eleven thousand...
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    My Amazon Kindle review....finally!

    Yes, I know what you fear about the responses! Kindle verses Sony is like Mac verses PC. People can get very emotional about them! I love hard copy but sadly not only is my house over flowing with them I have stopped buying them as I just can't justify the endless cutting of trees. These...
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    Hi brk_3, The math thing doesn't work for anyone born later than 1999 nor before 1900, does it? It's fun though.
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    Hello - I'm a newbie from Canada

    Hi again Momac, I was born on the islands but grew up in several places, mostly in England as my people were English. Yup, I did the whole all girls school/uniforms/tuck-shop/punting things. I loved England, and it’s plethora of tiny secondhand book shops! I remember finding ‘The Tanglewoods...
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    May 2009: Kazuo Ishiguro: The Remains of the Day

    The point you make about page 43 is interesting. In fact in that class being rude to someone of your own status may or may not have repercussions, but being rude to a servant was very frowned upon. Why? Because it was recognised that they couldn't reciprocate for fear of loosing their homes and...
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    Hello Everyone

    Yes, ebooks are a great invention. While I too love the feel of a book in my hands there is no doubt the trees are voting for the ebooks!