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Recent content by Sabenankh

  1. Sabenankh

    Marguerite Yourcenar

    Do you know this author? On January 22, 1981, Marguerite Yourcenar took her place in literary history when she became first female "immortal" admitted to the French Academy since its founding in 1635. She was an ideal choice--and a much more suitable candidate than the more sensual Colette or...
  2. Sabenankh


    *The book of happiness * by Nina Berberova, you get every type of love there is there, love for parents, friends, husbands and lovers... try it, it's great. And for a non-Hollywood scenario try Marguerite Yourcenar's *Coup de Grace*... it's really interesting.... it is really worth it!
  3. Sabenankh

    anyone in to asian films?

    I'll have a look at that one^ ^ Did you ever see a movie called MUSA:THE WARRIOR? it's a Korean movie i liked very much! http://www.michaeldvd.com.au/Reviews/Reviews.asp?ID=5212
  4. Sabenankh

    Contemporary Non-Anglo Authors

    I don't think anglo or non anglo reffers to being black or white, it reffers to authors that write in english in comparrison to authors that write in another language, thus being less accessible to an english speaking public.
  5. Sabenankh

    Contemporary Non-Anglo Authors

    Actually, he moved to England when he was 6 and his parents gave him a japanese education in hope of their return to their home country. If you ever read his book,"AN ARTIST OF THE FLOATING WORLD" you will see that although he may have the influences of both worlds he could never really be...
  6. Sabenankh

    Contemporary Non-Anglo Authors

    Nina Berberova Andrei Makine Gabriel Garcia Marques Laura Esquivel Isabel Allende Umberto Eco Dino Buzatti Italo Calvino Alain de Botton Martin Page Marguerite Yourcenar Marguerite Duras Arturo Perez-Reverte Amin Maalouf Bernhard Schlink Juan Marse Luis Sepulveda Michel...
  7. Sabenankh

    Crushes on fictional characters

    Mr. Darcy Rhett Butler Lestat Alexander the Great( i had a crush on him while reading his biography) Kira from the manga Angel Sanctuary and Lord Byron, even though he is an author and i probably shouldn't mention him in this thread but i've had a crush on him ever since i read the first poem.
  8. Sabenankh

    Almost transparent blue

    Ok, thanks a lot, i'll try those as well.
  9. Sabenankh

    Romantic book recommendations

    "The Book of Happiness" by Nina Berberova was pretty romantic for me, you should check it out!
  10. Sabenankh

    Candy-Preference Personalilty Diagnosis, from "Psychology according to Novella"

    Control Freak The profound stickiness and chewiness of Goldberg’s Peanut Chews (may include the entire toffee family) satisfy the aggressive tendencies of the Control Freak (CF), and indeed may fuel the CF’s propensity to boss others around. Hmmm... Never thought at myself as a control...
  11. Sabenankh

    La fille sur le pont (The girl on the bridge)

    He played a wide range of characters from drama "La veuve de Saint-Pierre", adventure "Le Bossu" and comedy "Apres-Vous". And i loved him in "Sade" as well, i think it's one of the parts that fit him the best.
  12. Sabenankh

    La fille sur le pont (The girl on the bridge)

    Has anyone seen this movie? I did and liked it very much, so much that it made it to the top of my favourite movies list. The main characters are played by Vanessa Paradis ( she is such a talented actress, such a shame that she gave up on it) and by my favourite french actor, Daniel Auteuil(ok...
  13. Sabenankh

    Almost transparent blue

    Here are some appreciations i found on the book and its author: Drugs and sex and drugs and sex and drugs and sex. Throw in music, booze and puke, a little William S. Burroughs and A Clockwork Orange, set the blender on high, pour into a tall glass and drink in Japanese writer Ryu Murakami's...
  14. Sabenankh

    The most powerful films

    A river runs through it La fille sur la pont In the mood for love Gone with the wind Casablanca The usuall suspects LA Confidential Braveheart Jeux d'enfants And sure... well most of these were not life-changing films, but they did leave a strong impression on me, even if it was just...
  15. Sabenankh

    Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

    First of all, so nice to find a fellow japanese literature lover:D I do know some things reguarding Mishima's byography but didn't know there was a book on it, however i've been wanting to buy a collection of articles written on Mishima by french author Marguerite Yourcenar, and seeing that...