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  1. Leigh

    Beyond a Large Steep Hill by Leigh Belrose - New Children's book

    Hello Everyone! My name is Leigh Belrose the author of a new children's novel 'Beyond a Large Steep Hill'. Here's a brief summary: A ten year old, boy’s accidental tumble down a large steep hill steers him into an unusual adventure far beyond his wildest dreams. If you want to read a sample or...
  2. Julianne Kelsch

    Hello from Utah

    Hi all! My name is Julie and I'm an avid book lover. I started reading when I was four and never really stopped. My favorite genres are romantic suspense and fantasy, but really I love anything that tugs at my heart strings or makes me think on a deeper level. I'm a firm believer that books are...
  3. B Fleetwood

    Unpublished but trying Kindle Scout

    Hello My debut novel: Chroma: Imogen's Secret has just 6 days left to run on the Kindle Scout site. It has been an exhausting experience and I have no idea if the novel will be selected for publication. In brief: Imogen Reiner, almost seventeen, can see emotions. She can read the invisible aura...
  4. Anton Schulz

    Lost in Time: Roman Threat/Third Reich Rises by Anton Schulz

    Deep in the past, Peter Bresovsky got lost in time. From the 20th century he landed in the middle of plots and intrigues of the expanding Roman empire. He befriends Greek merchant Orneus and the Germanic warriors of Quadi. Together they find a way to cause open conflict with the Roman legions to...
  5. O

    Read this a while ago, forgot it, found it, forgot it again

    So I read this book years ago and it made maybe 30% sense to me. A few years later, I could only remember a few buzz words. I was able to find it again by putting the words into google, and this time the book made maybe 60% sense. I want to try again but have forgotten enough now that I can't...
  6. MarkT

    Vampire lore altered, for better or for worse? Lets decide.

    Spoiler alert on the book Whispers by Aram Keledjian. The author takes a crack at the vampire lore in his own way. The writing style was impressive, but the way he changes the very essence of Vampire does not work for me 100 %. The reason why I chose to write about this is because I read the...
  7. itsmenokey

    what's book you currently reading?

    I am reading the crown's game by evelyn skye
  8. E

    Lost Souls 1 (Dayana Evans)

    https://www.scribd.com/doc/309055801/Dayana-Evans-Lost-souls-forever-is-a-long-time This is the first book in Lost Souls series. (Historical Paranormal Romance) Lady Jade Northwick is a distinguished member of high society and a hopeless romantic who dreams of meeting her Prince Charming...
  9. Joshua Buller

    Against All Instinct: Kindle Edition

    Hello there fellow readers! I just released my first fantasy novella on Amazon: Against All Instinct! You can find it here Synopsis: Konta is a hunter, member of a nomadic tribe that wanders the land to find shelter from the harsh seasons and the deadly beasts that roam. To speak is to die...
  10. K

    The Black Birds: Book 1 by Zach Nycum

    I was scouring for new books to read while I was on my Dystopian ride but sooner or later they all start feeling the same until I came across The Black Birds by Zach Nycum on Amazon. As well as loving Dystopian books, I'm also such a huge fan of Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy and this has all of these...
  11. Trigirl262

    Hope you'll take a look at If I Should Dream

    I recently published my latest novel on Amazon. It's a young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel called If I Should Dream Before I Wake. For the next day it will be available for $1.99 special promo and is free if you have Kindle Unlimited. I'd love some reviews on it, and would be happy to do a...
  12. A

    Suggestions please Riftwar Cycle fans

    Hi Everyone, I have just finished reading the Riftwar saga. I have to say that it was one of the best series that I have read. It has been a while since I have read LotR and I think it compares. Unfortunately I have to say there wan't enough Pug in it, or more to the point Pugs power. It...
  13. Natalie M.J. Fitzerale

    Chronicles of the Omniton: The Journey Through Consciousness

    Highly influenced by eastern religions, Chonicles of the Ominton is a must read for anyone who loves spirituality and stories that make you think. If you love fantastical monsters, spirits and beings from other planets then you will be pleasantly surprised by this strange tale. This story is...
  14. AnnikaRay

    Help! Can't remember name of book series about Najarian Dragons

    A few years back I was reading a series of books about a young man who grew up by the sea. He noticed as he reached adulthood that his skin would become scaly and his nails would harden and become incredibly sharp. It was revealed to him that his mother was taken as a lover by a king, of the...
  15. Kelson Hayes

    The Gorgon Desolation

    Hello everyone; I'm a new member to this sight and I've just published my first book after spending half my life working on the plot and concept for the series since I started working on it at the age of 10. I'm 21 now, born and raised in England, currently living in the UK. If you like Lord of...
  16. Aderyn

    New Fantasy release – The Raven

    I have a new release now available on amazon.com and amazon.com.uk ... Blurb: When a foreign tribe attacks the peaceful Onan people, a lonely outcast is forced to reveal her secret Gift – but will such power bring acceptance? It is the darkest time in winter, when suns, moons, and stars...
  17. Blue Riot

    Want to read a new Young Adult Fiction Fantasy book? Look here!

    A new book has been published and now up for sale here: The Demonic Trial It's an adventure with demons, dragons, werewolves and more! You can check out the authors website at: www.guardianlotus.weebly.com Check her and her new book out and help her get recognition for her work!
  18. J

    Hidden Gem I found from an author I had never even heard of :O

    Inevitable Ascension by V.K. McAllister. So I usually shy away from indie authors but I had a good friend that kept raving about this novel. After hearing about it from her and several other people I broke down and gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! I thought I would post my review here...
  19. C

    Fury's Hand: epic fantasy

    Hi! I would like to inform you that my book, Fury's Hand, is free from the 4th (today woohoo!) to the 6th! The best way to sum it up is that Fury, the Grand Master of a church, must stop a coalition of power hungry lords from slaughtering a race of docile golems. He's joined by the richest man...
  20. Crixxic

    Help me find my new book please!!

    Hello everyone so I recently finished the Rot and Ruin (Benny Imura) series and am lost on what to read next any suggestions that closely match my must haves for the book are welcomed and greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance! The books I'm interested in would include all of the following...