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How do you find the time?


I wanted to know how all of you find the time to read? I am so busy with school and work. I am just really curious how you have the time to read all these books plus follow all the threads?:confused:


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Good question!. I'll see people posting that they've read 12 books in a month. Are they librarians?, locked in the closet because they are recluses? What gives?:confused: Heck, I'm lucky to get an hour or two in every night after the kids go to bed, and that's if I'm not too tired to read.


Like SFG, I read one or two hours at night, then I read another half hour in the morning. This and a few extra hours over the weekend enable me to read an average of seven books each month. Free time is highly variable. Oh, and when the rest of the family is watching cartoons I'll often get in an extra hour or two.:)


New Member
Reading is truely my way to escape, to travel. I don't read more than 2-3 books a month, sometimes less, but it is so relaxing, especially when I'm tired. I don't know, either, how people can read 8 or more books a month. I guess I'm just a slow reader.

Fantasy Moon

I usually get some time in reading when I go to bed. Or anytime I am currently not preoccupied with a movie or doing something on the computer. If I ever leave the house I always have a book on hand in case I can catch some more free time to read, like if I am waiting for something.


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I always have a book with me. I read both on the way to school and the way from school. Then, because I get to school very early every day, I read before school. Two of my classes (World Lit. and Lit. Themes) are essentially reading classes wherein we all sit around and do what I love best. I read during study hall, and I read during boring classes. Plus, I read before bed.


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I steal a few minutes whenever I can. I certainly don't read twelve books a month though. I drive a lot, so I listen to audiobooks too. I'd say that between novels and audiobooks I do between five and ten books a month.

I have a four hour round trip on a daily basis.

Finally, someone who's even worse off than I am!

Good God. How far do you guys travel?


I really have no time at all really :(. I love reading so much but I never have time. I go to school and I get home at 230 and then I work at 6 which inbetween school and work I have to do homework, eat and get ready for work . Then I am done work at 10 and I have to do more homework and I am done about 1130-1200 and then I am too tired to read :(. It really sux.


New Member
Sometimes I don't find the time, but I bring books to school and read when I'm done with my work and things like that. I read in the bathtub, and then I have my normal reading time. In addition, I read much faster than other people. I think that's the only reason I can read as much as I do.


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I read when i go to uni and back (about 30 minutes each way) and usually about an hour or two before bed. Sometimes i read in breaks between classes but that's rare. I really wish i had more time for this.


New Member
I don't have much time to read either. From January to May I work about 10-14 hours a day. When I'm finally home I spend some time with my boyfriend, relax on the sofa and go to sleep after an hour. So maybe I get to read a chapter or in 15 minutes before I fall a sleep. I also have to work some weekends. So in this periode of the year I manage to read ca. one book per month.

My goal this year is to read at least on book per month. I would so loved to read more.


New Member
Since September I have been reading quite a lot for Uni - so that is why my book count has been a little higher than normal. I also get a really long summer break, so when I am not working part time or working on things for uni, that time is usually spent reading too. Once I have to join the 'real' world, I don't think I will have that much time to read, so I will just have to make sure all the things I do get round to reading are worth it!



I must have way too much time on my hands. Because I am not in school, and have no job on account of moving recently to a new town, I have all of this time to do the things I love to do the most. This includes reading, as well as my artwork and music. I spend at least 3 hours dedicated to my books, usually at night time, before going to sleep.


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I have at least an hour everyday on my lunch break, and I usually read for an hour before I go to bed. That's a minimum. Mostly for me it's just a matter of turning off the tv and curling up with a book.

I can mulit-task though. I can read if there's music or a tv on, and I know not a lot of people can do that.


New Member
Finding time to read a book is definitely a pressing issue, but then I somehow manage to squeeze in at least an hour per day. On weekends it could be more. And since I am a quick reader, I manage to finish the book within a short span of time.

But then there are also times when I just don't seem to be moving ahead on a book because of other things, and thats when it gets to me :mad:


New Member
I'll see people posting that they've read 12 books in a month. Are they librarians?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, unfortunately librarians and booksellers don't spend their entire days reading books... :( :p
I wish!!!
Myself, I have a total of an hour's tram travel every day in which to read, and also the lunch break. Maybe not evenings so much, but weekends! (vide signature ;) )