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New Site Design - Why?

Darren said:
And lastly, if you really can't stand the new look, you can switch to the old "TBF Classic Style" - you should see a drop down menu near the bottom of the forum pages. This will only work on the forums and not on other parts of the site.

This is all so messing with my head.

Oh my, I just did that and now the old style looks wrong too! :eek:

As for the brown. I don't like brown generally but I do like it here, it makes the site look posh and stylish!
The functions now seem to be the same as they've always been (which is good) (as far as I've seen) (I guess I have the right screen resolution too) - - - and the colour scheme is... well... That 70's show! Ergo: That's cool... Whatever... ;)

The other error is in the site link at the foot of the page. It links to thebookandreader, which doesn't exist.
I actually like the brown. It seems 'bookish', for want of a better word. I also really like the way it which the site appears to have forums on the side, as opposed to the main focus. Hopefully that will draw more people in. And a booklist feature in the future could only help... :D But that's another thread.

As feedback, I'm not crazy about the highlighted blue stickies, and I'm not sure I see the point of it. The ads are a given, although orange titles is a bit garish on the colour scheme! Especially as it's the same orange as is used when a member is 'online'. Could a dark purple or darker brown be used instead? It would fit the colour pallete a bit better, I think.

Finally, the ad bar at the bottom merges right into the forum itself, and the brown bar at the top makes it look like another post. Would it be possible to move the navigational tools between the final post on the page and the ad bar? By this, I mean moving the 'previous' button and the 'page 1, 2, 3, ...' buttons to be before the ad bar, rather than after, which is where they are now. This would add clarity, and I don't think it would move the ad bar off the page.

I like the changes over all, though. It's nice to know the site is continually evolving!!
theoptimist had a good point in another thread: the new acronym is BAR... Sláinte, everybody! ;) :D

wondered where i was at first! hadn't been in to look about for a short while - well done! i really do like the new look...
I went to sleep at night, and awoke up in a strange room.
My soft blue room where I grew up, vanished in the night.
My comfort is dashed, my serenity shattered.
The safe haven of my old room is now stark and strange.
Brown walls and leering faces on the ceiling mock me, and shout,
Depart, and return no more!

In other words, I don't like it.
Did anybody see this coming?
Can I just comment something on this new design? Why is Scifi/Fantasy so far down the list in the Bookshelves section?


This is strange! I'd recently changed my site's colour theme too...

I don't like the left-side bar though. It'd be better if it was on the right side.
harishankar said:
I don't like the left-side bar though. It'd be better if it was on the right side.

And how would you like it if you went to click on something on the right side only to hit the scroll feature on your browser? You probably would be complaining that it wasn't user friendly that way. :cool:
I very much like the new site design, although being a new member i've got no idea what the old skin looked like ;)

- Andy
Been away for a few months and when i came back i thought i was on a different forum.
I do like it though, just seems a bit slicker than the old one. :cool:
NOW I know where the new colour scheme came from!!! It's Gene Kelly's and Donald O'Connor's shirts in the Moses-supposes number in Singin' in the rain!!! :D :D ;)