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Who is your favourite author, and why?


New Member
Martin said:
Hmmmm, hamburgers!


What? No umbrage? A member with a mental age of more than fourteen? My faith in humanity begins to be restored.

Martin, how did you go with that Defoe translation? (I hope I'm talking to the right person here—I'm talking from memory). I came to forum too recently to offer my two cents worth on that, and I guess it's too late to usefully do so now, but I think I can clarify what Defoe was talking about, if you're still interested.


Active Member
My faith in humanity begins to be restored.
Glad to be of service.

On the Defoe-translation - I finished that during the summer. The mark I received for it was an 8, and considering we (we as in the silly Dutch folk) use a grading system ranging from 1 (= really really bad) to 10 (= really really good, and no one has ever received an actual 10) I was rather glad with the 8. It earned me my Bachelor's degree.

Thanks for inquiring, mate.



Margaret Atwood, and Stephen King. I can't tell you how many times I have read The Stand. :eek: And I've yet to get sick of it! :eek: :rolleyes: :p


SillyWabbit said:
Never read Artwood but she's one author I keep on meaning to check out sometime!

She's fantastic! :D My recommendation would be to start off with Alias Grace - that's my fave. :D


Well-Known Member
Aaaah, a fellow Atwood lover. Welcome to a small, but growing group here. :D

Have you read Oryx and Crake? My favourite Atwood is Blind Assassin.


Active Member
hi hi! :)
I don't know, I have mostly a problem with big names, like John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, king and other!! so I never read a book from one of them, but I always wanted to!! I go through the book shelves, pick them up, but when I go to pay them, I turn back and buy something else... i think that's my kind of issue!!

Darren Lewis said:
Any other authors people like? Do you tend to stick with a small group of authors or try to read a wide variety?

ah and my favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon, Anne Rice, Susan Elizabeth phillips (now i'm embarressed :eek: ) and some other!



in no paticular order;

the edding's couple
raymond fiest
anne macaffrey
trudi canavan
terry goodkind
tom clancy
terry brooks
melanie rawn
robert jordan

- their are a few more but i dont think im currrently capable of getting up and looking at my shelves for inspiration at the moment. :)


New Member
In terms of most read, it's LM Montgomery with the Anne of Green Gables series. Also Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and all the Jane Austens, Wilkie Collins and Victor Hugo.

Modern writers: Stella Duffy, Vikram Seth, Frances Fyfield, Alice Seebold.

Modern classics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Brideshead Revisited

But I also like a good bit of trash sometimes and have my favourite Mills and Boon authors.

At the moment, when I go to the library, I take one from the thriller section, one from biography, one from crime and the others from the general area. Recently read some Arthur C Clarke and may try science fiction, though I find it a little difficult to comprehend sometimes.


New Member
What is happening with...

Larry McMurtry?

His epic novels have begun to seem somehow "off". I do like the Berrybenders, but...

What's going on with HIM, do you think?



New Member
I have several favorite authors, but I think Robin Cook is at top of my list. He's the author of medical mysteries and I've read every word he's written. Also for the ladies, anything by Elizabeth Berg is great.



New Member
I enjoy so many that I cannot say... I love Stephen King, Christopher Fowler, Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly, Satre, F Scott Fitzgerald, Douglas Adams, etc, etc...

I read everything except romance and westerns!

Harry Gamblor

New Member
Since i can't limit it......

to just one author, i'll give you a list of my favorite authors:

Gary Snyder
Jack Kerouac
Charles Bukowski
Philip K. Dick
Herman Hesse
James Joyce
Douglas Adams
Joseph Conrad
Kurt Vonnegut

I guess that's it, but i also guess that i forgot to name a few others!!


New Member
I'd say Stephen King - I've read soooo many of his books. (But my all time favourite book wasn't written by him.)

Shael Crowtalon

New Member
To mention a few of my favourite authors I would say:

Gary Paulsen
Marcus Sedgwick
Joseph Delaney
Johnathan Stroud
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Dan Evans
Steven Leather
J.K Rowling

the list goes on.


New Member

One of my favorite authors is Eric Jerome Dickey, one of the nation's best-selling author. He just has that creative impulse when writing... Try to picture a female's voice inside a male mind. Every novel is unimaginable. A great one!
For more info on EJD and his work of art:
<A HREF="http://www.ericjeromedickey.com/index.htm"> ericjeromedickey.com</A>



New Member
I've been sticking to the same group of say ten authors and genre for ages, that's why I came to the Forum to find new reads. My favourite changes within the group depending on his/her latest book, but
James Lee Burke,
Michael Connelly,
Harlan Coben,
Sebastian Faulks,
Manda Scott
Lee Child
Frederick Forsyth
Stephen King.....
Think Faulks and 'Birdsong* at the moment as I am doing a re-read. But, I have found a new author, thanks to Forum .. so watch this space, Charles de Lint

Ah! :D Geenh another Michael Connelly fan. Which is your fave? :)