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Recent content by KJBlackwood

  1. K

    My book is currently free on Smashwords

    Feel free to download and review! "Seven Endings" by KJ Blackwood. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/276066
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    e-Books Vs normal books..

    I absolutely love my kindle, but if there's a book that I've been looking forward to reading then I'll get a paper copy. I've also been known to purchase for Kindle, then also buy a paper copy second hand through Amazon or Ebay. Seeing the spine of a book that I've loved sitting on my shelf...
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    How have you publicised your book?

    Do you find Twitter and Facebook to be helpful to your sales? How about sales on Amazon compared with Smashwords? Looking to hear about real life experiences from fellow writers.
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    Seven Endings

    Seven Endings is available on Amazon for just £1 or $1.65, and so far all reviews have been favourable! Take a look and give me some feedback! A woman who loves cats perhaps just a little too much; a pair of spinsters not to be underestimated; a bullied boy at the end of his tether; a...
  5. K

    Oh hello

    Hello! Nice to "meet" you! E-readers have been fantastic for encouraging people to read. Since getting mine not only do I use it to read but I've been more fired up about reading generally and also read real books copiously. And I write now too!
  6. K

    Best Book(s) 0f 2012

    My favourite book of last year isn't recent - "The Letters of Nancy Mitford" edited by Charlotte Mosley. So interesting and witty. I've started writing real letters to people since reading it, however only one person has replied by letter. Everyone else emails or sends a text! Very frustrating...
  7. K

    New Member

    Making the cover was a NIGHTMARE. I tried a free sample of photoshop but couldn't understand it. An artist friend gave me the photo that I used and I used Microsoft Paint (I think that was it, whatever is the really basic free software) to stick a title on it. If I went wrong I couldn't even...
  8. K

    Hello from a new writer and voracious reader

    Haha! I swear I specified 99p but it added 3p! I even tried changing it! I am officially flummoxed, but strangely I've grown to like the price (how sad am I?!) because it makes a change from all the 99p books out there! ;-)
  9. K

    New Member

    Hi! Nice to meet you. How did you find self-publishing? I've done the same with a book of short stories (Seven Endings) and I'm not very technologically-minded so I found it harder than most probably, will improve upon it with my next publication!
  10. K

    New Reader New Member

    Hey readsalot, I just downloaded "Heartfelt Cases" so it's on my list to read. I LOVE the cover! Did you do that yourself? Regards, KJ.
  11. K

    Roald Dahl: The Landlady

    I simply LOVED Roald Dahl when I was a teenager. I think reading his stories inspired the ones that I write myself now. Dark and twisted!
  12. K

    New Reader New Member

    I love love love my Kindle too! Although I still love paper books and seem to buy at least two or three every week, I have so many yet to read! But I can't resist a bargain... Welcome!
  13. K

    Most interesting man or woman in the literary world

    I've always been rather fond of Susan Hill because I like her writing style and I love a good ghost story - they aren't all about ghosts of course. Her short stories are also very good. Perhaps I'm fond of her because I had to study one of her books when I was at school over two decades ago...
  14. K

    Hello from a new writer and voracious reader

    Thank you for the welcomes!
  15. K

    E.M. Forster

    I adored Forster when I was a teenager! Still do, but it's years since I read his books. "The Life to Come and other stories" is a great collection of short stories, some dealing with homosexuality so published after his death. I love both Howard's End and A Room With a View, but for different...