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Recent content by Lady Reader

  1. L

    enough already with dean koontz and the dogs

    lol, yeah, I had to stop reading Koontz as well. I love dogs probably more than the next person, but I really don't think they're going to save the world. I read somewhere that his dog, Trixie, died; seems like he's funneling his grief through his books. There was one book - I can't remember...
  2. L

    J.K. Rowling: Mistakes found in Harry Potter

    No, his mom comes out first. She says "Hold on, your dad is coming," or something similar.
  3. L

    Preston and Child - Pendergrast series

    Most of the Pendergast novels can be read as stand-alone; I've read quite a few and they seem to be out of order :) Relic and Reliquary (the sequel) are the first ones Pendergast appears in as a secondary character; after that he becomes a main character. Brimstone begins the Diogenes trilogy...
  4. L

    Books on doomsday scenarios ....

    Swan Song by Robert McCammon
  5. L

    The only reason I look forward to fall/winter...

    It is so much easier to justify spending all day curled up on the couch or in bed reading when it's rainy and chilly outside; those warm sunny summer days I just can't do it! :D
  6. L

    New paperback book size?

    Nope. I do know the difference between an MMP and a trade paperback.
  7. L

    Historical Fiction: The Authors?

    What's wrong with Phillipa Gregory?
  8. L

    Are you ready for school?

    I'm ready...I had to take last semester off due to work issues and I really miss it. Granted, I'm not looking forward to the 15 books I've been assigned for 2 classes because there goes my LIFE, but hey, these things happen.
  9. L

    Used Bookstores and your expections

    I prefer to buy my books new. The only local used bookstore by me doesn't have a very good selection, and they tend to not be very particular when it comes to accepting donations. Some of them are pretty battered looking. I usually only visit when I'm culling my bookshelves :)
  10. L

    New paperback book size?

    Yep. I'm a moderator over at Cinema Blend. Thought I'd take this issue around to a couple of sites and get some opinions. :)
  11. L

    New paperback book size?

    Hey, that's my picture! I recognize the purple flag sticking off the taller book! :)
  12. L

    New paperback book size?

    Well, in my area at least, the usual mass market paperbacks are $7.99. These new-sized ones are $9.99. So we're paying $2 more for an inch taller book.
  13. L

    New paperback book size?

    I guess that depends on your idea of what a "good read" is. These have been books that I've been waiting for (like Small Favor by Jim Butcher) that suddenly got taller.
  14. L

    New paperback book size?

    I'll have to go back and check, but I do think it's a bit larger font size. It's not large print, but maybe a point or two larger.
  15. L

    New paperback book size?

    I wasn't able to find anything already posted about this, so sorry if it's a duplicate... But has anyone noticed the odd sizing of newly released paperbacks? They're the same width and depth as a regular mass market paperback, but like an inch or so taller. I'm not seeing them for all mass...