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  • I've been in such a blah mood this week, but thinking about TBBT is making me smile.
    Thanks.it's realy nice to be your friend^^.
    what is your job?are you marry?have you kids?
    Hi dear, how are you?today I had a chemistry exam and it wasn't easy:sad:.how about your day:)?and I've lots of questions if don't mind.
    yay thanks :):D..now I' am going to sleep tomorrow I've school:innocent:.And next time I'll send my messages in the private:cool:..okay;)?
    This is one of my fav Roald Dahl shorts: Lamb to the Slaughter--Roald Dahl (1916-1990) Hope you enjoy.
    Thanks..it's in sultanate of oman.Actually it is not me but I definitely looks like her.
    And this is another picture.
    Servants would be lovely!! :lol: Then I'd have even more time to read and watch TV. :D
    What's strange is I always imagined myself living in a beautiful house with a huge library and lots of paneling and fireplaces and comfy leather chairs.

    And I actually live in a plain split level house cluttered with books!
    No wonder we've connected! My house always looks like squatters are living in it! :lol:

    Thanks goodness I'm married to a man who gets me, and doesn't mind living in an abandoned shack!

    PS- The best part of winter is the fact that you can't see how overgrown our garden has become. :whistling:
    You're pretty awesome too. :D

    Though I have to say, I'm actually a pretty boring gal who spends way too much time reading and watching TV when I should be cleaning my house or weeding my garden or generally doing something productive for society.
    So I finally got around to reading America. LMAO at the last line . . . so wasn't expecting the story to end that way.
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