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  • Sorry I must have replied to you last comment outside the conversation. See, I keep doing things that make me feel old. :)

    I just turned 40 this year and I don't actually feel that old. Just sometimes I think back to when I was an adolescent and say "Wow I have been in existence for sometime now"
    TIVO spoils me. I can buzz through most hour long shows in about 40+ minutes. When I watch regular TV, I often try to scroll through the commercials, then realize that I can't. It's amazingly frustrating.

    PS- I managed to send this message to myself originally. :lol:
    I love Subway! And my chicken sub was delightful. :)

    My TV week has been Hawaii Five-O on Monday, Raising Hope (a new sitcom on Fox) on Tuesday, Modern Family last night, and I have TBBT and Vampire Diaries tonight.

    Between books and TV, I have no free time. :lol:
    I won't spoil the movie for you, but it is a visual representation of how I feel about my books. See it sometime if you can.

    And thanks for the Sheldon link!

    You can't make a half sandwich. If it's not half of a whole sandwich, it's just a small sandwich.

    This quote jumped out at me but it's probably because I have sandwiches on my mind. We're eating at Subway tonight. :lol:

    The new season of TBBT starts on Thursday!
    I've been halfway to the car to go buy books back, and I have to talk myself down!

    Have you ever seen the movie version of Farenheit 451?
    Nothing bothers me more than the way a lot of people treat books like a disposible possession. I have never thrown a book away. I have donated a few over the years to different charities, but I will admit it still makes me feel guilty because I know no one will ever love those books like I did.
    As for books that I found really scary... tricky one as it can be very subjective but Richard Matheson's Hell House was very scary I found at parts. Could've been to do with me reading into the early hours, but I did find it scary and that helped keep me reading I thing. The Shining by Stephen King is another definite chiller. I still laugh at the episode of friends where Joey puts a copy of the book in the freezer as he's safer that way lol
    Okay Libra, I hopefully have it right now... some short stories in the horror genre that I would recommend... I tend to read mostly classic short stories as they're from my favourite authors.

    H P Lovecraft: (anything by him, but especially) Shadow over Innsmouth, The Statement of Randolph Carter, The Whisperer in Darkness and The Color out of Space. Also recommend At the Mountains of Madness and Call of Cthulhu but these are closer to novellas.

    M R James: (again anything by him but especially) 'Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad', The Mezzotint, Number 13, The Haunted Dolls' House, Casting the Runes.

    August Derleth: The Mask of Cthulhu Collection is a good read - continues with the Cthulhu mythos of Lovecraft.

    Now a really good collection 'hosted' by Ramsey Campell is called Read by Dawn, the first volume of which I enjoyed alot. Much more contemporary than the above and a few chillers that stuck out and grabbed me.
    Yea album artwork can be either totally awesome or kind of dull. My all time favorite album covers are the Iron Maiden albums.
    Yea I can't listen to rap or hip hop. Even some recent metal groups started to add rapping in their songs. I can't even listen to that.
    Ok. :) Here's my boy when we were on vacation two weeks ago. He's going to be 9 months tomorrow.
    All is well. The baby is growing so fast and needs all my attention. I've read like five books this year because I'm always too tired to read. I've got a ton of pictures on Facebook. Let me know whom to add if you are registered. :)
    All's well. Kids firmly ensconced in schoolwork. Having to cut out extra net surfing to devote more time to the business at hand.
    I definitely want to read the book. I found the sequel at a book sale recently, although I heard it wasn't as good as POTE.
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