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  • and by the way "the greatest state in the union" would that be Nebraska?:lol:
    SFG75,Try the Fannery O'Conner one if you haven't yet,it's one of my faves up to now,and The Storm.
    I enjoy the short stories too,I have to say that I never tried any before seoulman mentioned it,it opens otherplaces to adventure.Like I said in a post ,it's a quick little book,begining,middle and end in practically a day.I am glad you joined us.:)
    Loved it,:lol: I was in shock how every time Dan planned something, it worked out exacly! I am glad Dan won, but I would not want Jerry to win it, if I had another choice after Dan it would be Reny aslo.Classy lady and hillarious with her sleepwalking.:)
    We'll be out at Chitwood's Music Barn Saturday night for the first show of the season. Our oldest son Ben is making his debut as a 'regular'. He's been rehearsing with the guys all summer.Map to Chitwood
    I don't know if you were joking about Big Brother,but if not, give me a hollar :lol:
    What is it with you? First, it's Obama now it's McCain? Make up your mind, man! What default picture are you going to stay with?
    heh i feellike shit and i woke up with no sheets or blankets on my bed ....i dont know what i did with them.
    All the kids and their so's will be at our house...will be a chance for the married dd to meet eldest dd's bf...he's cool-he's a reader/ writer!
    well clearly you are joking...there is NOTHING womenly about this man

    That child is looking at that dog oddly and that dog is looking at the camera like its trying to use mind contorl.....

    be afraid be very afraid.
    Sick of tornados? How can that be??? Have you no sense of adventure, man?!? I hear ya though. I'm getting pretty tired of thunderstorms and torrential rain...and I'm not even a wheat farmer! You know they're chewing their nails right now.
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