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amazon used books


You never know. I only buy from sellers with 99 or 100% pos. feedback. because I already had a few bad experiences.


I've bought from a few - again, those with 99% and 100% feedback (and a lot of feedback at that rating) and have had good luck. It really depends on which seller you buy from as to your experience.


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I have had mostly very good experiences. I buy only "new" or "like new" or "very good" condition from sellers with high ratings. It also depends what you are using the book for. If you plan to read it once and move it on, the condition doesn't matter so much.

I also buy books through eBay and find Amazon sellers more reliable as to condition of books. Some eBay sellers either do not give a condition statement (I have learned to ask) or overrate their books.

If you buy enough books to meet the $25 minimum and get free shipping from Amazon, buying new paperbacks as sometimes competitive with buying used ones and paying the shipping.


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My experiences have been pretty good. Like silverseason said, I only buy new or like-new.

nomadic myth

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Great for out-of-print books. Most sellers make their money on their shipping fee. I ordered about twenty total to overseas (I really needed them despite the $9.99 shipping) and only one didn't arrive. I got the A-Z refund. Satisfied.


Every used book I've purchased through Amazon has appeared as advertised. I can't say the same for E-bay, however, where I've received books with trench-like creases unmentioned in the product blurb. As mentioned, but towards the top end, and if something seems too cheap, it might be filled with the remnants of a spilled meal or the cat's big accident.


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So far, so good. I have yet to run into any problems. Then again I don't really buy used books. As someone said it's a great way to find out-of-print books (as well as older editions of books still in print).


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I've used Amazon quite a bit for used books and never had a complaint. I pay attention to the descriptions of condition and it always helps to know the seller's rating. But I've had good luck with sellers who aren't that highly rated yet. I've been meaning to try out half.com, though, because I hear it's also really good.


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Yes, as others said buy from highly rated sellers. I got jipped 2x from "Just Launched" sellers. I don't recall getting anything from those guys. Once I was promised to get my check after returning a torn book but that didn't happen. I returned the book, did not get my check. :mad:
But, I still buy from used sellers, especially textbooks are a real bargain. Then there are some computer books, for unknown reason, highly priced. Also, for some books, if you get previous editions instead of the most recent, and if you don't mind it you can get some cheap ones that way.
Sometimes used books take a while to arrive. And don't use vouchers or credits to purchase used items but use credit cards so they can credit your account if there's any problems.


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I can only echo what others have said - only buy from users with good feedback ratings. I haven't had a problem personally, though I know of others who have. I do tend to only use it for out of print books though.


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I've had positive experiences in buying used books off of amazon. It might take a few days longer to get your book, as you mainly deal with other readers who are merely using amazon as a third party to sell their used books. Most of them are used bookstore owners or are somehow connected to the book industrial-complex.:cool:


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Recycling Books

If you buy books to read them, then move them on (recycling!), you might consider a book exchange. I have been using Bookmooch with good results. Be aware that it is not entirely "free" as you pay the postage on the books you send to others.


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I almost always get my books through paperbackswap or used through Amazon. I've only had two instances where I didn't get my book and both times I was refunded within 48 hours.


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I've had problems twice and I received a full refund both times. On the flip side of that, I have several books that I didn't have to pay for because the seller sent the wrong book and told me to keep it even as they were shipping out the book I ordered.


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i've had great experiences, even with the books that are listed as 1 cent! i was skeptical at first, but i would say about 85% of the 1 cent books i ordered ended up being in great condition. that goes for all the other used books i've ordered as well. nothing i've gotten has been horrible or unreadable. the worst are usually discarded library books that have the library's name stamped all over them, but that doesn't really bother me for most books, and the plastic jacket can be removed.


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If you buy enough books to meet the $25 minimum and get free shipping from Amazon, buying new paperbacks as sometimes competitive with buying used ones and paying the shipping.

I did that for awhile, but I ended up buying more than I really wanted just to get the free shipping. I finally broke down and signed up for Amazon Prime. $80 a year, no shipping charges, and the book ships within two days. So now if I want just one paperback, I only buy one paperback.

I've had mostly good luck with the used books, but like everybody says, you gotta go with the highest feedback ratings. Those sellers will bend over backwards to keep those high ratings.