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Horse Racing


Active Member
I think horse racing is boring (but used to work in a bookie's, which is a fun job).

What was the poll going to be about?


New Member
How would you characterize the sport as it exists today.

A. Nothing wrong whatsoever.
B. It needs some changes.
C. It is reprehensible and should be illegal.
D. I'm indifferent.


Active Member
The main problem with horse racing is that they're very large and have four legs so there's no way you're ever going to beat them.


Active Member
Boring? You've never had a bill riding on a long shot have you? And I'm certain that you've never had a bill riding on a long shot and won!

I love going to the races. I love the ponies. It's sad when they hurt themselves or their jockeys, but I truly enjoy it. It's the only real gambling I do (Before anyone goes there... Poker is not gambling - it's a calculated risk) other than the occasional visit to the Wheel of Misfortune when I'm in Atlantic City or Vegas.