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Poll: How old is the average reader on this Forum?

How old are the readers on this forum?

  • under 18

    Votes: 29 15.2%
  • 19-29

    Votes: 81 42.4%
  • 30-40

    Votes: 44 23.0%
  • 40+

    Votes: 37 19.4%

  • Total voters


New Member
A comment was made on another thread about younger people not reading anymore. So I thought we could get an idea by sampling the users on this forum.:)


I'm 26 and didn't read much in my teens, and not at all as a child. Didn't have the concentration for it. Been reading since I was in the army (age 20) and it seems to be picking up as I get older. There was lots of time on your hands and nowhere to go, so reading was my only past time. Atleast something useful came out of that kindergarten... :D


Well-Known Member
I'm also 26, and I've been reading ever since I learned how to. Books were always my favorite presents :) .


Active Member
I'm 22 and have been reading books ever since I was two years old. With the exception of school I usually read less books at a time (two instead of four) but I can't say I've ever went through a period of life where I didn't read a book.


I am 40, turning 41 in a month. I have loved reading since I was probably 9 or 10 when I was introduced to The Hardy Boys - I still have the whole collection on my bookshelf. There was a short time in my mid 30's I didn't read much - but now I am back to reading as much as ever.


New Member
Hey! We old timers are losing the race for votes! Come on all you 40+ members, stand up and be counted. :eek:


I read my first non-school-totally-for-pleasure book in my early teens. None of my friends understood why. Many still don't.


New Member
I started to like reading in about 6th or 7th grade. I think that was when I finally opened up my imagination.

On a side note I'm 18 and their is no 18 button to click. Just under 18 or 19 to whatever the other number is.


Well-Known Member
Hey! We old timers are losing the race for votes! Come on all you 40+ members, stand up and be counted. :eek:

Oh dear AB-you know how it is once we reach 40...the knees start to go, the hips go out, and next thing you know, its really hard to stand up for a head count:p


28 here...almost 29. I've LOVED reading ever since I can remember. The only time in my life that I did not read constantly was during my years at college - my engineering major left little time left over for reading (the time free from homework was spent doing something active with friends).

I love when we are off from school - I am a teacher - because it is just pure bliss to be able to spend a day reading.


New Member
I've added myself to the ... ~~polite cough~~ 40-plus group.

VTChEwbecca – I have always enjoyed reading, but various things knocked the discipline out of me. That and a limited mental approach. Once over that, a few years ago, I have read a vast amount more – I'm much more experimental in terms of fiction and also read far more non-fiction than at any previous time.


New Member
I feel alone

Apparently I'm the only under 18 person here. That's kinda sad but who cares. I've been reading since I could and I'm fifteen now so goin' on 13 years of reading at this point.


New Member
I'm 34, started reading for leisure after college beginning with classic literature. Now I'm into fun stuff like Vince Flynn!


New Member
Well, it looks like the 20 somethings are in the lead, but we only have 28 votes right now. There has got to be more active users than that!