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Recently Finished


Well-Known Member
In A Dry Season by Peter Robinson 5/5
Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay 3/5
Maigret and the Burglar's Wife by Georges Simenon 2.5/5
Watchman by Ian Rankin 3.5/5
Flood by Stephen Baxter 3.5/5
As its my first post, these are the last 3 read in the last two weeks:

Diamond Raiders (Bob Curby) :star4:
Revenge fulled action with a little romance thrown in, a good light read.

Theadore Boone (Grisham) :star4:
A slightly different angle on Grisham's best topic, the Law, this time the star's a child.

Medusa (Clive Cussler):star4:
First of Cussler's that I've read, good strong characters and a good story line, even if his writing style irritates me at times. That said I will be looking out further novels in this series.


New Member
Hour of the Hunter / J. A. Jance


The story was a nice change of pace thriller. One of the main characters is a Papago Indian. I loved the way the author folded in the Indian folk lore. The Indian stories were almost like parables for how to the characers should handle the problems at hand. I read the e-book version. There were a few words that were constantly spelled wrong. Even the work "it" was spelled wrong. It felt like someone had done a search and replace on the document and made some unanticipated changes. I'm not a perfectionist but this was enough to even get on my nerves. My rating for the book is a rating for the author's story and writing. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that someone else messed up on the spelling.


New Member
The Pawn - Steven James


I read this book because I got the e-book free. I often read these free books because it's a risk free way of trying new authors. Well that, and because I like free. All I can say is this book is good enough to be worth full price. It's a great story that kept me awake half the night reading. And the ending leaves you waiting for the next book. I'd pick Jude Law to play the part of Patrick (Pat) Bowers for the movie.

Polly Parrot

Staff member
The Good Soldier - Ford Madox Ford

I'm not sure about this book, it's sad with all the people dying on me all the time but at the same time I can't sympathize with the characters so I don't "feel" sad for them or anything.


New Member
The Testament by John Grisham. usually I hate lawyer novels but this one was great. Definitely not the ususal as it takes partly in Brazilian jungle. One odd thing is right now Thailand has big dengue fever epidemic and characters in book also get dengue fever. Most of my friends here have had it but so far I havent. Anyway in book the guy with dengue takes aspirin which is the absolute worse thing to do since biggest danger of this disease is hemorrhaging and aspirin is blood thinner. But guy is lawyer not doctor so is natural he doesnt know this. I highlty recommend this book though if you like adventure or legal stories.


New Member
Rules of Command by C.A.Mobley. Very exciting military novel written by former u.S. navy man. main character is female officer who is commander of anti-submarine unit and also works for NSA. The story revolves around China trying to take control of Panama canal. Anyone who likes Tom Clancy novels would enjoy this, I believe.


New Member
Michael Connelly's The Narrows - It's pretty much the sequel to The Poet. While it wasn't as good as the Poet it did bring closure to the villian. :star4:


Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn. A spy thriller about the battle between the CIA and Muslim extremists. I didn't realize when I first picked it up, but it's part of the Mitch Rapp series. I don't usually read fiction, but I chose this one because it's by a NYT best selling author and because it's a spy thriller that. A thriller story wouldn't be likely to leave me feeling depressed, like a Danielle Steel novel might.

The author uses his protaginist to promote his political views on two occasions in the book. The first time was just a short mention, but the second time was a long angry tirade while being grilled by politicians. Because of that, I'm not sure I'll pick up another of Flynn's books. The story was good, and the scene didn't really ruin the story at all. However, I'm reluctant to pick up any more of Flynn's books realizing he uses them for political expression.