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Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post


Active Member
I loved this thread when I saw it elsewhere.

Write down where you are in the book you are reading:

I am in 1431 France with Joan Of Arc, she's defending her "voices" from God.
Incredible book!
I'm slithering through a scandalous party.

Er, I mean I'm in my office working.
Im stuck in a shed trying to hide while killer clouds of nanoparticles frantically search for a way in to kill everyone.......

good times...
I have just killed off Nana (with Zola's help) and escaped from the decadence of 1870's Paris. I plan to go to Baden Baden.
I a Dialo(a tribe) village in thailand getting ready to shoot a missionary because i'm possessed by the rice spirit.:confused::eek:
ok, new book started.

1756 London and Lord John who is an English soldier/officer gets a glimpse of a red headed man and all past feelings come up ......

(only an Outlander fan can understand this one;))
I'm in London, in a square, near The Post Office Tower. I'm reading Saturday, by Ian McEwan.:)