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Recent content by R.J.

  1. R

    Whatcha eatin'?

    Yes, that's what they are. I wasn't paying attention to the fact that you're from the UK -- oops!
  2. R

    Favorite Manga of all time

    Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran -- that was brilliant! Did Todd loan it to you too? :)
  3. R

    Whatcha eatin'?

    It's like a Twinkie, but better. Well, uh . . . not better for you, but better-tasting!
  4. R

    Mazzy Star.

    I'm pretty sure Hope Sandoval's in her early 30s now, so assuming Silly Wabbit isn't lying about his age they're actually just right! :D Has everyone seen her website? www.hopesandoval.com
  5. R

    Whatcha eatin'?

    I've got a packet of chocolate Zingers on my desk. I haven't decided whether to eat them yet. I really prefer the vanilla Zingers, but the vending machine didn't have any, dangit.
  6. R


    My TBR pile has been stacking up since January (about 15 books, maybe?), 'cause I just can't seem to get done with Our Mutual Friend! Me and my resolution to read some of "those long-ass Victorian novels". Can't believe I've got Vanity Fair and Can You Forgive Her? sitting on the shelf as well!
  7. R

    I give up!

    Usually, if I like the first ten pages, I'm in for the duration . . . um, well. Except for my occasional bad habit of getting distracted mid-book by a different book and then forgetting to go back to the first book!
  8. R

    What should my mom bring me from London?

    o_ô I guess I should have known! Here we say "the family jewels". Okay, I'll stop mussing up Ashlea's thread with gutter talk! :eek:
  9. R

    What should my mom bring me from London?

    The Crown Jewels? :p
  10. R


    I have a Rembrandt self-portrait on my desktop right now; I also have John Singer Sargent's "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw" which I put up sometimes. My work computer has a picture of clear blue Pacific waves. Unfortunately I've got a bit jaded to it so it doesn't soothe me like it used to -- might...
  11. R

    Super Heros or Just Heros?

    Well, I know what you mean, and my answer to the question is "no". But to get all philosophical on it, I would say that while Batman doesn't have supernatural powers, he does have superior powers, in that his combination of natural genius, physical and mental training, drive and honor (and...
  12. R

    what are you thinking about?

  13. R

    Now, for all the ladies...best romantic movie

    Roman Holiday!
  14. R

    Paint the town red. I need an equivalent idiom.

    "go on a tear"?
  15. R

    Books you were forced to read at school!

    Well, there's always law school! ;) I'll bet there's not an English major alive who hasn't heard that a dozen times.