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BOTM:Suggestions, ideas and opinions

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Jazzy, I'm just guessing but did you want us to read The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries by Alice Kimberly? ;)
The Haunted Bookshop mysteries

I recently discovered this series because, when at a library, I always pick a book by an author I'm not familiar with. I was so enchanted I read the rest of the series (5 out so far) and then bought them. It is about a young woman who buys into her aunt's bookshop. During her first author hosting, the man is murdered and she teams up with the ghost of a P.I. murdered in that very store in 1949. The first one is The Ghost and Mrs. McClure.

Yes, I'd love to enter into a discussion over this book - however, I'm new and am not sure how to go about it.

Perhaps a system of alternation might work well? Maybe have one month's book be a classic, and the next choose a more modern book. The moderators (I'm not familiar enough with the site yet to know how many of you there are) Could come up with a very short list of 4 or 5 books, and then put it to a poll a week before the book of the month is to be chosen so that users can then vote on their preference from the list. A very democratic system, though that means it's likely to break down after a few good years :p.
Apologies for my previous post. I just found the thread that seems to encompass all of what I just said. Silly me. I shall stop posting until I'm more familiar now. . .
Alternating seems good to me. I have to confess I'm not terribly interested in reading the classics as I belong to a local group that concentrates on them. I am willing, however, to do so from time to time. I confess I don't quite understand the last post. If you're comparing anything to politics, then nothing will ever get done.

Since I'm new here, I am now wondering, is the reading group actually reading now, or only discussing what to chose?

I haven't read that book, and after looking up a synopsis it doesn't strike me as a book I'd enjoy reading; therefore I feel that I wouldn't be able to really contribute to any discussion regarding it - my decision, after considering these facts, is to keep my nose clean out of it. Hopefully next months suggestion will be something I can contribute something meaningful to. Peace out.
I'm not interested in the Virginia Wolff book either. I'll be watching for the fall books when you start up again. At the risk of sounding "common," I'm wondering if choosing some of the more current books, popular fiction, would result in more participation.

That's why I suggested Kraken. China mieville is hard to read, but enjoyable. Maybe his latest- Embassytown would be a great book to debate. We need to talk about meaningful authors, more than a particular book. But I agree with Jazzy33- it should be a current book, rather than a Oliver Twist type book.
Book Reviews And Comments By Rick O
Do you suggest maybe instigating an 'author of the month' rather than a book of the month? That would be considerably more problematic than selecting a book of the month because having people agree that an author is, overall, fantastic, every month, would be almost impossible I imagine; if anything that would result in more of the classics being chosen rather than less because the authors of those days had a far greater connection to their works because mass publishing for anyone who wanted it simply wasn't available.

I think, as a new member, I'd like there to be a book of the month soon so that I can have a turn at helping to select on - even though the part I play will be undoubtedly small. I think that, if it hasn't been one already, Nineteen Eighty Four should have a place as book of the month soon due to the state that the world is in at the moment and I think read, or re-read of that book would be very helpful in turbulent times such as these.

it should be a current book, rather than a[n] Oliver Twist type book.[/url]

That's a little bit of a generalisation, don't you think? I understand that you use it to mean classics in general, but I feel that I really must defend Dickens in this respect and point out that Oliver Twist is a fantastic and early example of some of the finest anthropological observations I have ever read, and shouldn't be generalised so. Rant Over.
The problem with choosing current books is that we have many members (me included) who are not from the USA and therefore obtaining current books can be more difficult for them. The classics are generally easier for everyone to obtain.

As there seems to be an interest in resuming BOTM, I'll start a thread to choose a book for September.
I think the books are published by different publishers in UK and in US, I don't know if publications are simultaneous or not...

But for non US/UK members acessing novelties can be more difficult (they have to be ordered, usually from the internet, and can take a while for them to be delivered). Also there are members who use the library and, in that case, members from non English speaking countries are almost always excluded from participating...

As you can see it's not easy to come to a consensus and that's why we choose "older" books so often.
I'm also from outside the US... but I didn't realise there were exclusive book releases?

Most books, period, are only ever published in one single market. Just because a book is published in one country is no guarantee it will ever be published in all the other countries that speak the same language - let alone that it will be translated into other languages.
Maybe it would be a good idea to clarify first who is interested in participating and where they are from. (Which I see is being done already) From there we can all look at what book to read?

I loved the Genre idea. Hope that flies.
nothing since July ?

duh.... like, have we put an end to BOTM ? Hope you haven't. Classics as BOTM is ok, as it'll pressurise us to read them which we've been postponing for years....

I quite agree about the classics. Having them be on the list is one way to get to read them. I've read several good ones in the past few months and have learned a lot and revised my previous opinion. I recently read a Sherlock Holmes book and was astounded as his descriptions of characters and places.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I also have to go with the classics. It is very difficult to have an extended discussion about a contemporary work that is pretty much straight forward. The best discussions in my opinion, have been with books that contain multiple theories of characters, events, as well as meanings. In other words, we all need to find works that will free our inner post-structuralist.;) Non-fiction classics need to be included as well. I could see a ton of great posts regarding The Art of War, The Prince, or even House and Philosophy.:)
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