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I want to recommend miss smila's feeling for snow by peter hoeg. he's danish and its about a half-danish/half greenlander woman exisiting on unemployment bebefits who tries to solve why a greenlander boy fell from the roof of an apartment block.

its written in first person present tense and it works great, real tension. and its well-written.

(There's a movie version from 1997 with julia ormand - not as good as the book, but still worth a look.)

I think you missed the point of this thread. :lol:
A group of us at work last year all read "We need yo talk about Kevin". Author escapes me at the moment. Excellent!!!!!!

OK, I have been fooling around with Goodreads for a little while now. I have a long way to go before it is complete but you can check out what I have so far at http://www.goodreads.com/bobmagness if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Something I noticed right off the bat was the average ratings given at goodreads was almost an entire star lower than those given for the same books at Amazon. At first I thought maybe goodreads readers were just more picky. But it actually turns out there star ratings have different meanings.

1 star- I hate it
2 stars- I don’t like it
3 stars- It’s OK
4 stars- I like it
5 stars- I love it

1 star- didn’t like it
2 stars- it was ok
3 stars- liked it
4 stars- really liked it
5 stars- it was amazing

So if you have been rating books on Amazon don’t think you can just transfer your ratings over. Personally, I prefer the GoodReads rating equivalents. The fact of the matter is if I don’t like a book I am mostly likely not going to finish reading it. And I can’t quite bring myself to rate a book that I haven’t finished. So if I finished a book it means I found something at least somewhat redeeming within its pages. The GoodReads equivalents give me a bit more range to work with. Granted, in the end, the stars don’t mean anywhere near as much as the actual review.
I love goodreads, I don't use it much for the social aspect, that's what the forums here are for, but I do keep track of my reading these days and am always on the look out for additions to my to-read list. This is me
I am a member of Good Reads too but prefer LivingSocial because you can get recommendations based on your book shelf.

What should I read next is great too because you can select certain books from your collection and get recommendations based on just those books rather than your whole collection. This is excellent if you read a wide range of genres and want a recommendation on a specific genre.

Would have posted URL's but Book & Reader rules won't allow it due to my small number of posts so far. :sad:
sweet, really excited to see what some of y'all are reading... I'm on there too but can't post a link to my profile yet (post minimum). I'm jgeffen on there too, though:D