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New Look


Active Member
I can't see it. Either you are all having a mass delusion or my browser cache needs clearing. Snap out of it, you lot.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
New logo at the top. New poster layout. Stuff like that.

The front page still needs an overhaul.


New Member
I think the new color scheme is an improvement and find the posts easier to read.

I can't find the link for First Unread.... any more.

The Blog page looks better, on my browser and screen at least.

The Home page still needs a face lift.


Active Member
I don't have to scroll past an entire screen of blurb to reach the forum anymore! And the horrible bar down the side is gone. Huzzah. It's back to how it used to be. Sniff.


Active Member
Thanks for the positive feedback. I've still got a bit more tweaking to do (I'm not too keen on the default vBulletin purple), but the general idea is there.

The B&R logo looks familiar. Was it used once before?
It was the original logo for the site which I've updated and brought back.

I think I've wandered into the wrong thread
No, just the wrong site :rolleyes: