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Random happenings/thoughts


A thread for whatever is happening or is going through your head at the moment.. :whistling:

Saw a roll-over accident on Friday on the highway. A car tumbled down the embankment from the frontage road towards the highway. It's weird to see something like that and not hear it. When something like that happens in a movie, there are all these loud crashes and noises, but in real life when you're in your climate-controlled vehicle with the radio on, it's a mute disaster just off to the side of your peripheral vision.

I have to sleep with the fan on. I think I'm going to go buy another fan tomorrow just in case this one dies. This fan has been a trooper though.

Scunci discontinued the best hair tie I've ever used. I hate Scunci right now.

Does anyone else just instinctively imagine that the girl in Landslide's avatar is her? :p
I haven't picked up The God Delusion in 2 days.
What should I cook for dinner?.
Oh f**k I have to do a few loads of laundry.
I hate the snow.

and it's still noon.
If I go over and stand next to that fat guy and let it out real quiet, everybody will think it was him.
I have the plague. Coughed all night, feverish, the whole nine yards. Woke up to a cold house and no hot water, must muster the courage to venture outside to check the propane tank...will probably need to call the Co-op for a delivery. Sipping Echinacea tea.
A girl at the gym had a strong italian dressing smell.....did she wake up and want a bowl of salad??

Hey, I have a good remedy for an earache; soak half a cotton ball with olive oil and garlic juice, then place cotton ball inside ear and tilt the head so that the juices soak into the ear. If the pain is bad enough, smelling like a pizzaria is a good trade off when the pain subsides. Maybe this girl's mom or auntie hog-tied her and forced her to try this home remedy:lol: