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Random happenings/thoughts


New Member
26 more minutes. Then I can go home. I need a money tree so I can finish renovating my house. At this rate it will take about 5 years to finish. I'm hungry.


Well-Known Member
Just back from a visit with my doctor; I'm pleased to report I do NOT have pneumonia. Hopefully my new meds will kick in by tomorrow and I'll feel better by this time tomorrow night.


Well-Known Member
I hope you feel better soon, abecedarian. Being sick sucks.

Tell me about it; my head swims so I can't read or crochet. And I have stuff to read and a crochet project with a deadline looming. The project is for a new baby, so I probably shouldn't cough and sneeze all over it, doncha know.. Drat!


Is the 8 minutes abs video the right way to go? Maybe I should have gone with the 7 minutes abs workout. That extra minute. I could make a sandwich in that extra minute. Hm. Must think this through some more.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
From the Wiki:

Many of these discussions are tied together by the story of the narrator's own past self, who is referred to in the third person as Phaedrus (after Plato's dialogue).

Not a horribly satisfactory answer I'm afraid.