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Random happenings/thoughts

I had to really search to find this thread..my news doesn't really warrant it's own thread, but as it's rather important to me, I wanted to share...
After three years of church 'shopping', trying to find a place we could settle for good, we learned Friday that the pastor responsible for us leaving our old church, has resigned, effective last Thursday. We have one minor commitment with the church we've been attending, but after that, I think we'll be going back(Our teens don't like this place). I hope that many other families who've left will trickle back too.

Oh now that is good news! Glad to hear it.
Oh now that is good news! Glad to hear it.

It is sort of like getting the all-clear to return home after a natural disaster.You know there's damage but you want to get back and assess the damage and start cleaning up so you can get back to normal.
What a day..and it's only 9:30 am. First, the doorbell rang just before 6..that was a sheriff's officer looking for a burglary suspect. Then I talked to my sister-inlaw, found out my niece may have cervical cancer. Just talked to my daughter and learned she's probably in labor with our first grandson. Glad I had that second cup of coffee:lol:
I talked to my sister-inlaw, found out my niece may have cervical cancer.
Oh my. I hope that is not the case. My thoughts are with you and your family.

I have spent the last month looking for land to buy, but cannot seem to find the right lot in the right place. It is so frustrating! I dread the idea of packing everything that has been in my house for fifteen years, but look forward to using my current home to create income and having more amenities.

I just got another email from my agent, so hopefully there is something there. I am struggling to be patient.
So after years of begging and pleading for budgetary resources to accomplish goals that I knew would increase production efficiency I am pretty much getting everything on my wish list all at one time.

I hate large corporations.
No Grandson yet; maybe he's waiting til tonight when the cold front comes through.

Niece has stage 3 precancerous cells outside her cervix, doing a cone biopsy next week to check inside.

Took the boys over to my daughter's house this morning so she could use our van to take her oldest daughter for an eye exam; we kept the baby and tried to get some school work done.

Taking mother inlaw this afternoon to see our local doc; hoping she'll like him enough to make a switch from her old one. This doc isn't perfect, but he's close and easier to work with. Might be good for her to have a new person looking at her medical issues; the old one told me couldn't do anything else for her anyway.
Sounds like daughter might really be in early labor this time. We'll see. The weather is changing today, and tomorrow might be downright bumpy, so maybe she'll be zapped by the barometric pressure drop and get this baby show going. Either way, I've got a big pot of chili simmering, and my oldest daughter is arriving for a visit this evening. Our church is scheduled to have a Fish Fry tomorrow evening, provided we aren't all in our hidey holes. Should be a great weekend!
Well, it's been a full 12 days since my previous baby post..but at last, he's here! Matthias James Bing arrived safe and sound 8-24-12 @ 9:19 pm CST. Weighed in at 7.9 lbs, 19 inches long. We think he's kinda cute though. Not throwing him back:innocent:
What am I going to do with 20 liters of apple cider?

Keep the doctor away for almost a month? Hot spiced cider sounds lovely..you can also replace the water in some recipes, such as for oatmeal or pancakes. Or go to food.com and see what recipes turn up if you search by ingredient. I love that site..
Umm, yeah. We don't make pancakes, cook oatmeal, or bake.

If I had my homebrew kit, I'd make 20 liters of hard cider.
My oven is an over-glorified counter-top toaster oven with meh temperature control.

The only homebrewer I know moved back to the U.S.

I'm going to drink it and enjoy it. But seriously: 20 liters?
How is it packaged? Individual liter bottles, or several larger bottles? As long as you aren't having to keep it all refrigerated at once, or having to put large bottles in the fridge, it should keep in a cool dark place for months. Any room in a closet?
Two ten liter bags, each with a spigot. It's like a box of wine but without the box. As long as no air gets inside, it should keep indefinitely or at least until it all gets consumed.