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Vampire Novel Recommendations

Always an avid Stephen King fan, I liked "Salem's Lot" the best as a vampire novel. Of course "Dracula", by Bram Stoker will always be the best classic novel about vampires.
ObsidianSoul said:
[size=-2]I've currently finished all 11 Laurell K. Hamilton books in the Anita Blake series and have read all the books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes which really isn't too many once you think about it.

Because I couldn't find anything that caught my attention right away and sucked me in like those two authors, I started reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, then 1st To Die by James Patterson, and then reread Amelia's books. Now, I am in a huge reading slump.

PLEASE! Can anyone suggest any good books?[/size]

Hi you can go here and post your request and somebody will mail you the books that you want within hours :) enjoy!:D
I finished reading The Trelayne Inheritance by Colleen Shannon. It's good for anyone who wishes to read a vampire romance. Never thought that I'd be in a mood to read paperback romances... *sighs*
eddiereader said:
Can anyone recommend a good vampire print on demand book? I read somewhere that in 2002 there were 150 print on demand vampire novels published. I've checked out some of the free e-books and online stuff, with various levels of succes, some I love, some ain't so hot, but full marks for trying. I was just wondering if anyone out there had unearthed any gems from the POD market vampire wise.

Try The Wages of Sin by Jenna Maclaine. I thought it was excellent!

Hey everyone!

Does anyone have any suggestions on any good vampire novels to read? I've read all I can find but I crave more.

For anyone who loves vampires like I do, here are some books for you...

by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
In the Forests of the Night
Demon in My View
Shattered Mirror
Midnight Predator

Twilight-Stephanie Meyer

The Silver Kiss-Annette Curtis Klause

Vampire Kisses-Ellen Schrerber

Cirque du Freak Series-Darren Shan

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series-Laurell K. Hamilton
*Do not read after #5*

Vampire Chronicles-Anne Rice

Salem's Lot-Stephen King
I think you should try these

Twilight-Stephanie Meyer
Vampire Kisses-Ellen Schreiber
Cirque Du Freak Series 1-11-Darren Shan
The Silver Kiss-Annette Curtis Klause
His Immortal Embrace-Various Authors*

*This is a collection of four novellas and :( I lost it at school before I finished. Someone read it and post how you feel.:D

If anyone has any others. Please add them. I need some new ones after I finish Salem's Lot again.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and Anne Rice are the best vampire novelists ever. I wish Amelia would write more of them instead of her shapeshifters series. I don't think Laurell K. Hamilton's were as great because of how sleazy they started to get in the eighth book!
ValkyrieRaven88 said:
(BTW, I looked at a library for these--not my local one, which has about 100 books, but at the one in the bigger city nearby, and I couldn't find a single one. I had to order them! So annoying...)

LOL!!! That is so true. Our library, the 100 book one has NOTHING!!!:mad: I order every book I've ever read from there, and ugh! It takes like three weeks for them to get one book and if you order more than one then you're screwed for about a year.:p I ordered Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber two weeks ago and guess what? No book yet. UGH!!:mad:
Just finished Live Girls by Ray Garton. I'm not big on vampire novels, but this one was great. It's just been republished in paperback after being out of print for about 15 years. I'd heard good things about it over the years and I finally got to read it. I would highly recommend it to any fan of the genre.
I would second Sunshine by Robin McKinley. It's a good read and very enjoyable.
((I couldn't get into Interview with the Vampire either. It just didn't interest me at all. And it got pretty repetitive. :cool: ))
Try Andrew Fox's Fat White Vampire Blues. I don't remember the story as being a work of art, but I don't think it was meant to be. I liked the not-so-subtle references to Anne Rice and her Chronicles, and the protagonist was someone other than the sophisticated and seductive creature of the night that we've come to expect in vampire stories.
I just finished The vampyre: The secret history of Lord Byron by Tom Holland. Bet you didn't know Lord Byron was a vampire? It explains a lot of his extravagant behaviour, I'm sure... The book was good, very gothic/romantic; interesting points added both to the vampyre myth and the Byron myth....

Oh, and before this, I read The Giaour by Lord B himself, an epic poem about a man who is cursed with vampirism. I have a Byron theme going this summer... curious to see whether vampires will show up in Crowley's The evening land...

One of the best I've read is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I also like the Vampire Files series by P N Elrod.
I know it's been mentioned multiple times, but enough good things can't be said about I Am Legend. Great story and writing by one of the all time great horror writers. I Am Legend is also my favorite title for a book. Not that that matters.
Try Charlaine Harris.....Southern Vampire Mysteries
Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 1)
Living Dead in Dallas (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 2).........etc.......you may like them.Marycathie
I have to agree with everyone who mentioned the Brian Lumley books, they are great.

Thirded. After having read Rice's whinny bitchy vampire books reading Lumelys was a nice change of pace. His don't screw around :). The last couple books are kind of weak but the first 10 are great.