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Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

Just slashed my wife's throat several times. With the help of my 14yr old son I will dump her body in the old well.
The Gunslinger Roland is heading for the Dark Tower with his two companions he has brought to his world through a magic door.

Dark Tower III Wastelands
I'm somewhere in the Bavarian Alps and have been awakened at a god-awful hour, and it's pretty damn cold here. But that's the war for you.
Meeting with my captain of the guards to have all of the Sand Snakes detained for their safety.


Walking through a cemetery to clear my head.
I just met two hedge nights on the road during my quest to find the missing princess.


Retiring to a room for the night after having just arrived at Blackridge House to find that my best friend who had lived there had died that morning.
Just leaving a small island on Lake Constance with my buddies (some poets, an influential French mistress, a young lady from the circus and a noisy black poodle) to take the German imperial crown home to Prussia.