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Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post


Active Member
Not sure which country I'm in (America, I think), but I have just gone blind while waiting at the traffic lights. :eek:
I am in Georgia (in the US South) the day before the annual rattlesnake hunt wondering at the age of 22 how my life turned out so crappy and fondly remembering having public sex with the lost love of my life.

reading "A Feast of Snakes" by Harry Crews


New Member
I am on the way to Maine to get to know my future husband. At the moment I'm not sure I really want to marry him. And there is this other man...;)

I'm reading Penelope Williamson's "A Wild Yearning"


Well-Known Member
I'm locked inside the wandering mind of a crotchety old man reviewing his life all alone in his bedroom in a boarding house somewhere along the coast.


Just time travelled to the end of the Mesozoic/Cretaceous Era - to see how the dinosaurs really went extinct.


New Member
I'm in New Orleans with a serial killer haunting the streets, and is killing women one by one and calling each one by a different saint. St. Ceciela(sp), Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalane, etc.


New Member
I'm still on the way to my new home Maine.
Now I'm sure I fell in love with my companion, though I shouldn't :(


Active Member
I'm in an old asylum, with a whole bunch of blind people. Us women have just had to go and service a bunch of men, to get food for our lot.


New Member
I am in my room and I just passed by the ghost of an old man sitting on a chair and I climbed in my bed, terrified!



Active Member
I'm about to be thrown from a moving train by a railroad detective somewhere west of New York.

This is going to hurt.