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Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

This afternoon, it was night. I was on a floating island, somewhere in Pacific, west of Mexico, sleeping on a tree, with hundreds of meercats sleeping within and over my body.
i am a weird man who lives on planet frakawalakobojogojojorimpipimpihumpywumpysuligulafromowimigoogoogajadomanfrakafalkalo
I'm sitting by a fountain in 14th century Romania with a pack of wolves in my current novel,and in reality I'm in Hartlepool,U.K typing this message up in my den!
I'm on my way back from Procyon (approx. 11 l.y. distant) and am ignorant but suspicious of my surroundings which are a mix of dense forest and bland corridors inside an enormous generational starship. I am slightly anxious after being accosted by intelligent rats and watching them torment a rabbit.