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You know you're addicted to reading when...


New Member
When you're in the toilet... and end up reading the ingredients of a deodorant when there's nothing else to read. :rolleyes:

finally i fit in....

i'm new but i thought i could relate since i read every post until i got to this point. hee hee. i have almost every symptom described, especially the stalking another reader to find out what the title there bogarting is, but i thought i might bring up another one. it may have been posted and i missed it.

does anyone else have the problem where they cannot see, touch, taste, smell, or hear anything else while they are reading? i completely block everything out and my husband complains about it. i don't hear him b/c i'm reading but i get a summarized version once i put the book down.

just curious.


New Member
Something just occured to me the other day. Every time I finish a novel I really enjoy I immediately go to Amazon and click on all the one-star reviews. Harsh criticisms are always entertaining.

And to SFG: STOP MAKING FUN OF ME! :mad: :(



New Member
You know you're addicted to reading when...

You keep falling behind your partner at the supermarket because you stop to read anything on product labels that looks interesting.


New Member
When you run out of books to read you go to the store and read ingredients or you hide and read their books.


New Member
She wouldn't talk about the book? Are you sure she wasn't an alien:eek:
Really, most readers would be thrilled that someone was interested in the book they're reading. I'm usually so happy to find a fellow book lover, I don't mind the interruption. Her loss...

Maybe she was so deep into the book that she couldn't pull herself out of it long enough to answer you.


New Member
Well, if you watch booknotes on C-SPAN, then I will submit to anyone the title of King Nerd and hand over the pocket protector and roll of tape for the middle part of your glasses.:D

Booknotes is good! I don't watch it very often, but every time that I have watched it I found new books that I wanted to read.


New Member
When you have not finished 1 book and have 12 more waiting in the wings and you are ordering more,

12? Not bad....

I have around 20 waiting for me... after I promised I would only buy new books when I had only 2 or 3 to read... :D


PS - Obviously I'm not counting the books my parents are gonna lend me... otherwise...


New Member
When your hold list at the library is maxed out.:eek:
You burn the bacon you are cooking for breakfast.:mad:
You have a book stashed under the drivers seat for when you're stuck in traffic.:D


New Member
Guilty of cramming paperbacks into jean's pockets, cargo pant pockets, or when all else fails and it is an emergency, into the waistband itself.

You Know you are Addicted to Reading When:

-The cat lies on top of your book pile so you will notice him.

-You wonder if books make good baby/wedding shower gifts.

-You buy a house with lots of empty wall space for shelves. ( guilty)

-The local thrift/second hand book shops raise the price on books a quarter a month, because they know you are a sucker and can't resist.

-Your Books to Read list maxes at 100.

-Your in the library so long the Librarian forgets about you and starts to lock up. ( it's a teeny library too. So what if I was crouched in the back corner desperately reading from Turgenev...while balancing a growing stack of books on my knee.)


New Member
When you see a perfect stranger reading a book in a public place, and you make a fool out of yourself trying to see what it is. :eek:


Haha. I used to work as a lifeguard at a waterpark and I saw a lady sitting in a chair reading a book and I wanted to know what it was so i just kept getting closer and closer to her while trying to see what book it was. hah.