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Which magazines do you read?

I read a lot of books. I drink a lot of quality wine. I also drink beer.

My theory is, books and wine. Magazines and beer. So my magazine choices are as follows (UK readers will be more familiar with some of these)

Heat (I have a subscription and it is delivered by the postie every Tues).
Reveal (a pattern emerging?)
Pick Me Up
Love It
Woman's Own

and in a different set of genres altogether:

Any tattoo magazine that takes my fancy
Back Street Heroes (custom cruisers and the like).

Eclectic Moi?
Domino and Blueprint for my decorating obsession
Discover for factoids
Runner's World for health
InTouch Weekly for my superiority complex :eek:
Just on a whim, subscribed to Time, first issue should be arriving soon. I went ahead and went with the two year subscription right off the bat. I love The Atlantic, but I need more newsy material, at least, moe than one magazine a month.:D
Entertainment Weekly - tried giving it up for a while because they kept trying to Jedi-mind-trick me into buying multi-year subscriptions, but picked it up again after a year or so. It's the best way to keep on top of new movies, TV, music, books, and the like, IMHO.

Fangoria - no horror devotee should be without it. I may subscribe to its sci-fi sister publication, Stralog, in the near future as well.

Playboy - old habits die hard. I do like the articles, and I very often agree with their political, social and sociopolitical views. Plus I believe there's still something to be said for more erotic nude photography, unlike its rival publications. I must admit, though, I don't really live the Playboy lifestyle, and sometimes I wonder if I should just let the subscription expire.

My dad also gets us a Consumer Reports gift subscription each year for Christmas.

Those are the only ones I subscribe to, but there are plenty of others I read from time to time.
Did have a subscription to Science News, but let it expire, because I didn't have time to read it each week.

Now I read magazines passed to me by my grandma:
Country Woman
Birds & Blooms
Birds & Blooms extra
Reader's Digest

I would love to find a good magazine about books, but have never found anything that suits.
I have subscriptions to these:
Scientific American
Entertainment Weekly

And I occasionally by these:
Harper's Bazaar
I would love to find a good magazine about books, but have never found anything that suits.

Book magazines I like are Bookmarks(a little bit of everything) and Locus (scifi/fan) I don't know if they would fit what you're looking for, but figured I'd throw them out there just in case you hadn't tried them.

Beyond those two, which I only get every now and then, (they were doing SUCH bad things to my TBR list it was scary) I read Mental Floss religiously, scan Playboy not so regularly, and that about it.

I did just subscribe to Interweave Crochet, but that's a TOTALLY different bulletin board :D
I subscribe to Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, People, and US Weekly. I also get the New York Times on Sundays.

I read the Columbus Dispatch, my local paper, almost daily, and I'm liable to buy In Touch, Life & Style, and Star. I also buy wedding magazines quite a bit.
At some point in my life I've had subscriptions to the following:

National Geographic
Entertainment Weekly
Foreign Affairs
The Economist*
Funny Times*
Reader's Digest
The Week
Sports Illustrated
Car & Driver
Road & Track

There are three magazines which I purchase each month, Esquire, Monocle and La Cucina Italiana. But, i do go to the library in town and look through McLean's, the Walrus, GQ and whatever else looks good that month.
The New Yorker
New York Times Magazine
Consumer Reports
various publications from Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and AARP (marks us as retired tree huggers)

We used to take The Nation, but it was making me too depressed so I let the subscription lapse, even though my brother writes for it.
I don't read magazines at home unless my parents buy some. Then I run over the pages. Or sometimes I buy a magazine when I'm bored and have to wait for my train or something. Then I usually buy "NEON", "Stern" or "Der Spiegel".
In school we read and translate articles of The Economist, New York Times and The Herald Tribune, sometimes also from other magazines/newspapers.
I subscribe to:

Sports Illustrated
ESPN the Magazine

Occasional reads:
SLAM Magazine
Hoop Magazine
Rolling Stone