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The Walking Dead


Active Member
First episode was on in the U.K. this weekend. Really enjoyed it. Agree on the gore.

lenny nero

New Member


Active Member

It's off from the graphic novels,it seems they are adding things which is ok by me.Details in gore.:D


New Member
Easy on the entrails there AMC. Shame we're already half way through the season. Hopefully we'll get a good long look at how these zombies conduct their siegecraft before it all ends.

lenny nero

New Member
So they gave so much money to Mad Men, that they didn't have enough left over for their highest rated show? Is that what happened?


I began watching the first episode yesterday. I am quite interested in it up to this point; season two looks very innovating--the source of my inspiration to commence my beginning of the series in the first place.


Well-Known Member
Okay-the premier where the zombie herd walks past the stuck crew and the boy dies at the end near the big buck.....wow.