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Which magazines do you read?

Why, thank you. And I just received in the mail today my copy of the magazine Israel, My Glory which my wife likes to read.
I subscribe to Pages, it's the only one I get at this time. But I need to subscribe to Bookmark and Romantic Times too, since I buy it off the rack whenever I can. I also like Renaissance, various genealogy mags, Practical Homeschooling, Homeschooling Today, American Heritage, Smithsonian, Atlantic Monthly, Satuday Evening Post, Writer's Digest, Countryside, Backwoods Home Living(dh had an article published in this one once), National Geographic, Popular Science, Reader's Digest, and Home School Digest. I've probably left out some, but you get the idea :D
i like esquire, gq, maxim, and fhm... i prefer guys mags over chick mags..i don't really need to know how to get a man in bed.... ;) .......
I love magazines but I try to limit myself to Lucky and House & Garden. Foreign magazines are cool even though I can't really understand them and they're usually expensive.
I read Mojo, Metal Hammer and Nemi (norwegian cartoon magazine). I also subscribe to a christian youth magazine. I am not a christian though, nor do I believe in god, but it has a little good music stuff now and then. Also, and this might seem a little blasphemous or something to all you god-believers, but I find all the articles where god is mentioned (or praised or something like that) quite amusing. Don't worry, I find satanism amusing too, and kind of cute.

(ps. Innamorata: don't mock the peas like that! I like peas, not to eat them of course, but the actual phenomenon that peas exist. It is indeed quite fascinating.)
I read Empire a lot.

People also think this is strange because I'm a 14 year old girl, I also read American Handgunner.
Newsweek & Utne.
SFG75 said:
LOL-must be an exquisite read, I know how that goes.

Off topic. How do you find photobucket.com? Do you get hit with spam etc, I just signed up for a free account yesterday
I subscribe to Readers Digest and Time and my husband gets Bicycle and Mountain Bike, which I read on occasion.

I pick up InStyle off the newstand sometimes but not enough to subscribe.
Mostly film Magazines like Empire and Hotdog. I sometimes pick up a PS2 or Xbox mag to see if there are any decent games on the horizon. Also read The Big Issue and occaisionally Private Eye. My housemate leaves his copies of Q in the bathroom so I tend to read that whilst evacuating my bowels if I haven't taken in something else to read!
I subscribe to The sky at night magazine and somes read the BBC wildlife and History magazines too. :)

I can't stand any of these showbizzy, megawatt smile type mags. :rolleyes:
I recently discovered a wonderful on line magazine called Photo Blogs Magazine. It publishes every month. So far, there are 3 issues to read. You can find them on the left sidebar.

As the name suggests it's focus of interest is in photo blogs. However, you don't need a particular interest in photo blogs to like the magazine. It has lots of nice articles, and of course many great photos to look at.